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Concert Attendee

Today I will be going to a concert to watch Def Leppard! When the English band formed I wasn’t even born yet but having an older brother I was around this kind of rock since I was in diapers. The band was formed in 1977 and was actually named Atomic Mass but later was named the famous Def Leppard. The rise to fame started around 1980 and now with over […]

Boardwalk Empire Train

HBO had a clever promotion for one of their series Boardwalk Empire and for the start of season 2 some people were lucky to ride this vintage subway train. In New York a vintage 1920s subway car was set up taking occupants to their destination with a different look. Check out Laughing Squid for more pictures and the specific lines that this train took! Via: Laughing Squid

Extreme Beer Goggles

A Danish bus company offers people who have drank too many beers or martinis a late night shuttle service. In their advertisement it shows a women and guy how they think they’re acting and how they are actually acting under the influence of alcohol. On the site Byturen they have an interactive video showing the belligerent partiers and using the arrow you can see the 2 different worlds of the party. Its […]

Youtube Ads Explained

I know everyone has seen these ads somewhere on videos that are on wonderful YouTube and some people are annoyed by the video blocking ads but myself I have no problem with them. If you ever wondered how and why these ads are around, Mario and Fafa will explain everything about Youtube ads to you and your friends.

Skydiving EDC!

Yes, another EDC video but c’mon…they’re not all about the carnival itself. There was so much going on at the party and one of those things was the Red Bull Air Force Skydivers! Skydiving at night sounds scary but these guys make it look fun with the added looks to their uniforms to make them stand out in the night sky and the craziness of EDC. Watch the bright lights […]

Party Rock Kia!

Saw this hilariously rad commercial while watching the MTV Video Music Awards. There’s many people who hate these Kia Soul commercials but I think they’re very cool. Its one out of the few commercials that I won’t fast forward over or walk to go do something because for the minute that its on its entertaining. Not too crazy about the car but Kia does know how to make some good […]

The Thing Of 2011!

What a perfect time for this movie to make it debut. Of course it would come out in my favorite month ever! October of course is the month of Halloween and along with The Thing on movie screens I’m sure there will be other scary flicks to accompany this one. The Thing of 2011 is obviously a remake which isn’t a surprise because whats not being remade? This is one […]

Drifter Intelligence

Want to know the in and outs of a professional drift car? Watch professional drifter Dai Yoshihara’s tech Mike Kojima talk and show the technical inner workings of Dai’s Nissan S13 car. One of many videos from GT Channel following Dai Yoshihara on the 2011 Formula D drifting season with a series called Behind The Smoke. Of course theres some rad camera angles from GoPros and following Dai and his […]

California Snow Riding

Another GoPro camera video! Watch some skilled riders from the USC ski and snowboard team at Mammoth Mountain in California! I’ve been up there myself and its an awesome place to snowboard and ski. Had a post of my trip to mammoth mountain a few months ago if you missed it here.  

Drifting Through Hollywood

Ken Block has another video out with the Ford Fiesta going through tight turns, driving through tight spaces and doing donuts around objects that shouldn’t even be in the middle of that situation! Filmed within 5 days at Southern California’s lovely Universal Studios Hollywood in Studio City, Block drifts through the backlot where many famous movies have been shot for so many years. If you’ve ever been to Universal Studio […]