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Girls And Games

I was cruising through my YouTube subscriptions and saw that iJustine put up a new channel that I didn’t see! I guess she’s playing video games either by herself, with her sister or her friend Toby. I’m always curious to hear different peoples reactions during game play. Are you a quiet player? Loud? Angry? Nervous? Myself, it depends on the game. With racing games I’m a little competitive and i […]

Neon glowing heads!!!

Check out these theme based samples of New Era 59Fiftys and some with a UV feel to them by artist Mateusz Sypien. Never seen anything so far out like these star wars and game themed hats and I think New Era should give these a try from Sypien. They for sure would sell i think and especially the neon ones! Nice job and really cool idea! http://www.behance.net/strobobibo

Geek foods!

Some geeky cakes…and what i mean by geeky i mean f*cking awesome! Yes, i know they’re wedding cakes but still, look at these things! Also some other pastries that i wouldn’t want to eat. http://www.neatorama.com/2010/09/13/30-weird-geeky-and-cool-wedding-cakes/ http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2009/10/13/a-surprisingly-large-gallery-of-video-game-cupcakes/