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Happy Birthday Disneyland!

  Today is Disneyland’s Birthday! This day in 1955, Disneyland opened its doors to all ages of people with over 15 attractions and is now 57 years old! The park has gone through so many changes and has to through the years to keep up with being called “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Being the second most visited park aside from its bigger counterpart Walt Disney World, it’s no wonder […]

Electric Daisy Carnival 2012

  Its almost been about a month since one of the biggest electronic dance festivals ever and people visit from all around the world to see the best DJs in one place for 3 days! Originally held in Long Beach CA then Los Angeles CA, EDC has made its way to sin city Las Vegas with a big welcome. Held at the Las Vegas Speedway its the perfect space to […]

Its Summer Time!

  Summer is here and what’s the first thing most people think about when summer time hits? Water! Whats not a better way than putting on a swimsuit and hitting the beach and/or pool. This group of friends have an even better way to spend the summer days with this huge slip n slide with a bonus sling shot! Yeah…a sling shot! That first shot of the sling shot in […]

Random Look - Mini Trip

Taped up the car against rocks and bugs to go on our 4 day mini vacation this weekend and here are some pictures from our time in Vegas and Universal Studios Hollywood. If you want to see lots more pictures from my summer trip to Vegas here. We watched the Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Hotel and had some interesting drinks while my boyfriend and I were there. Saw these racers […]

A Whale's Vagina.

Don’t know what “A whale’s vagina” is? Its not literally a vagina of a whale, just watch the movie Anchorman. You’ll get your answer there and here’s a question…who hasn’t seen Anchorman??? Okay, a little off track now. Here’s some pictures from my trip this weekend with family to San Diego! Had some good times and in having such a good time I didn’t take too many pictures! Ahhh! I […]

Theme Park Radness!

Went to Universal Studios Hollywood Sunday and its been awhile since I’ve been there. They have a pretty good deal right now if you’re a local which is buy a ticket that day and get the rest of the year free so why not? Their City Walk is right beside it with some nice restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump’s, Saddle Ranch and others with a food court if […]

Its not what you think officer.

Saw these cool hilarious stickers on The Cheeky. Now i don’t think i would set foot in an airport or any station where i would have to get my bags checked in but i’m going to take a guess and think everyone wouldn’t find it funny. Go to The Cheeky and read their “Caution” disclaimer…hilarious! http://thecheeky.com/

Cage of Death!

At Crocosaurus Cove park in Darwin, Australia you can have a chance to swim with crocs…well, kinda. I don’t think anyone would want to get closer than this anyways! I would totally want to try this! The five-inch thick perspex box has been tested for peoples safety and i sure hope so! And funny what they call the box…”The Cage Of Death”…sounds so promising doesn’t it? Via: http://www.neatorama.com/2010/08/29/crocodile-cage-of-death/