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Comic Con 2012

  This last weekend was one of the most anticipated conventions of the year and many get dressed up as their favorit character to walk the aisles of the San Diego convention center in California. Now Comic Con isn’t just a big costume party but the real means of the show is about the movies, tv shows and other media that grabs the attention of fans around the world. With […]

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother’s Day and what mom doesn’t like a little humor on her special day! When Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake get together it a magical thing and this is one of the funniest and weird skits they’ve done on Saturday Night Live. In this skit the theme is Mother’s Day but maybe not in the way everyone would think. Watch and laugh with your mom, grandmother, aunt on […]

To Our Lovers! I mean Livers!

Celebrities celebrate St. Patricks Day too with green beer!…well, what they thought was beer. Watch some famous people cheers Mr. Conan O’Brien with their green mug of goodness and hopefully you’ll be making some toasts like Megan Mullally, Adam Pally, Fred Armisen, Seth Green and more celebs! Mullally reaction…hilarious!

St. Patrick's Day in Chinatown

Every St. Patrick’s Day I always looked forward to seeing how Conan O’Brien celebrates the day! When he was the host of The Late Night Show he would always celebrate the Irish day and getting people to acknowledge the day who normally don’t. I remember watching so many of Conan’s skits for this time of year and I always laugh! Who better to celebrate than Conan? Watch Conan O’Brien visit […]

Mad Men's Comeback

Who isn’t excited for the 1960′s firm to finally air on AMC? For the fifth season some problems come up business wise and the firm is in trouble! Of course with the end of a tv season there has to be cliff hangers and questionable scenes before it signs off and Mad Men wasn’t an exception. After not being back for almost a year and a half, fans have been […]

Monster Man

I was hardly a fan of the SyFy channel but this season the network has really gotten great with its shows from special effects to awesome series that have come into their own with shows getting much more popularity over the last few years. I think the network is really making a mark on the roster of channels to watch with shows like Being Human, Lost Girl, Face Off and […]

Its Super Commercial Sunday!

Its almost Superbowl time here in the states and with the famous football game also comes the awesome one of a kind commercials. People are having Superbowl parties every year and now I’m hearing that people are throwing Superbowl commercial parties. Yeah…for the commercials! Why you ask? Commercials are a big deal when Superbowl makes it way on TV screens and has been for years with companies going all out […]

A Classic Christmas Special

Christmas has so many different traditions for families and one is Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Since first aired in 1964, its the longest running Christmas TV special in the US and one of the few most popular stop motion animations. Theres many spoofs on the film mainly for its now old fashion look and choppy stop motion look. Its a nice way to remember the days when animations were meant […]

Beyond Decorations!

Last Christmas Conan O’Brien had to dress up his new set for the holidays so he hired a master decorator to design his set. The decorating background that Kenny has with his one of a kind Christmas decorations should be no problem for Conan’s show and he goes way over the top! So many lights!

Crazy Xmas Shopper!

Now that my internet is back up I can finally post again for the holiday season! December is a big month and a favorite for many people! Regardless its a month of shopping for presents, family dinners and end of the year excitement for the new year. Here in the states I’m always waiting to see Targets “Christmas Champ”. She is the very organized, well exercised and very chipper christmas […]