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Crazy Mickey's

It was only a matter a time till Disney popped up with their own merchandise like this but honestly, the stuff looks really nice! Inside this store theres a bunch of custom paintings, collectible vinyl toys, skate decks, custom painted guitars and lots of clothing with cool graphics. Of course with a Disney theme but still, this store D Street really pulls it off. Some really nice stuff in there […]

Olvera Street

Went to Olvera Street Saturday afternoon and hadn’t been there in awhile. If you haven’t visited Olvera Street when you’ve come to Los Angeles then you’re missing out! Obviously if you’re a local you’ve probably been there because who hasn’t been to Olvera Street when everyone passes it sometime in their life going down the 101 freeway!? Anyways, took some pictures with my phone while we were walking around and […]

Those Sneaky Troopers!

Saw these photos taken by Moneg Studio in Mexico of these mini stormtroopers getting into trouble while no ones looking! Go check out the Behance page for more of the photos and more of their great work! http://www.behance.net/mongus

The other side of Hello Kitty.

I wasn’t a big fan of Hello Kitty myself, i was more of a Keroppi and Pochacco person but maybe if they showed the bowed kitty in these versions then i would totally be a Hello Kitty fan! Robocop to Jason to the sweet star wars characters, who can not like this version? I think its pretty funny that every one of the characters still has the familiar bow thats […]

Tatted Legos

Saw these tattooed Lego people in Ufunk. Really wish they actaully made these, i would really like to have a set of these! Its for an ad for ball-pen called Pilot Extra Fine. http://www.ufunk.net/en