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Drifting Through Long Beach

  This last weekend Long Beach CA held its yearly Toyota Grand Prix with Formula one racing, a celebrity race with the famous Scion TC’s and the must see Formula D drifting races! This event is the single largest event in the city of Long Beach in its downtown district and the whole weekend generates over 200,000 people! Its the longest running street race held in North America with a […]

Auto Commercial Madness

Another sweet post of the 2012 Superbowl commercials with a theme. Cars. Auto companies are one side of the crazy funny advertisements that are ready to show off on Superbowl Sunday! Not only trying to boast their new car thats better than any other car out there but to give viewers a memorable way of not forgetting they’re cool features! Having a celebrity in the mix doesn’t hurt either. I’m liking […]

LA's Car Side!

One of LA’s other sides is the car culture. If you’ve checked out any of the previous posts, I’ve shown some cool rat rods, classics, hot rods and there are so many different car cultures in Los Angeles to count. In these 2 videos these awesome cars are at a local car show/meet held in Venice Beach last month held by Hella Flush. So many rad cars at a beautiful […]