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Super Game Day Ads

On Superbowl Sunday many contenders make a yearly appearance and some are new to the super sunday. One that always had their TV ads on with the game is Doritos and E*Trade with hilarious ads that people still talk about today. Pepsi and Coca Cola also have their funny battling ads against each other. Watch some more TV ads that some people will be talking about years to come! “Bird Of […]

Auto Commercial Madness

Another sweet post of the 2012 Superbowl commercials with a theme. Cars. Auto companies are one side of the crazy funny advertisements that are ready to show off on Superbowl Sunday! Not only trying to boast their new car thats better than any other car out there but to give viewers a memorable way of not forgetting they’re cool features! Having a celebrity in the mix doesn’t hurt either. I’m liking […]

Its Super Commercial Sunday!

Its almost Superbowl time here in the states and with the famous football game also comes the awesome one of a kind commercials. People are having Superbowl parties every year and now I’m hearing that people are throwing Superbowl commercial parties. Yeah…for the commercials! Why you ask? Commercials are a big deal when Superbowl makes it way on TV screens and has been for years with companies going all out […]

Superbowl!...oh, not superbowl but superbowl commercials!

I’m not a big superbowl fan but I am a fan of the commercials during the suprerbowl. These commercials to me are like a whole different animal compared to the regular commercials that are shown on a daily basis. Maybe one reason is the companies are really trying to grab the audience and get some more customers? Or maybe they’re trying to beat out all the others to be the […]

Betty White is the Sh*t!

Oh man, i thought Betty White was awesome when she played beer pong with Jimmy Fallon on the Late Night Show but this new commercial played during the superbowl from Snickers just shows how funny this lady is! “Thats not what your girlfriend said.” LOL!