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It's a Trap!

I can’t wait for the 3rd Family Guy chapter of the trilogy to come out December 21st! No one can spoof the Star Wars movies better than Family Guy and the last 2 movies were awesome! Watching  the trailer for “It’s a Trap” looks hilarious with ewoks eating each other, fixies instead of speeder bikes, stormtrooper pillow fights and more! Get in line at your local Best Buy, Target or […]

Star Wars Varsity Team

Adidas and Star Wars limited edition clothing is out again and the stuff is looking better and better! Well, some of it. Of course there is going to be a few items out of the bunch that only certain people will have an eye for but overall the clothing is pretty nice. Guess they went with a school theme this year with varsity jackets, sporty looking track jackets and some […]

Leia caught again!

Stupid Leia, everyone knows if you’re trying to get away you should stay up on the streets! Not down in the subway in enclosed spaces! Geez, use that princess brain of yours! http://improveverywhere.com/

Battlefront 3!

Yeah, considering this video was posted 8 months ago, at least i can see that there is something that might happen for us battlefront players. Hopefully.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This game just looks pure awesome. I know Star Wars games don’t have the best track record but there have been a few that i really liked! This looks like one of them! How bout’ bringing back one of the good ones like Battlefront…just saying.