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Tail Surfing

  Here in California we have many kinds of surfers in the oceans, one being the furry kind! In the Socal waters, lessons and competitions happen all over the beaches with families bringing their furry kids for some surfing fun. From bulldogs to golden retrievers, these dogs love the water wearing their life jackets waiting to play!

LA's X Games 2012

  Here in Los Angeles X Games held there competitions with crazy stunts and world records being challenged! From June 28th to July 1st, skateboarders, bmx riders, moto x, rally driving, enduro x and other rad sports were seen by many LA natives. One of the craziest  moments was the Hot Wheels car ramp that actually has the drivers drive upside down in two lanes! So many great moments happened […]

Drifting Through Long Beach

  This last weekend Long Beach CA held its yearly Toyota Grand Prix with Formula one racing, a celebrity race with the famous Scion TC’s and the must see Formula D drifting races! This event is the single largest event in the city of Long Beach in its downtown district and the whole weekend generates over 200,000 people! Its the longest running street race held in North America with a […]

Neff Brings Beach To Snow

  This last saturday I made my way with some good company to Bear Mountain for the Neff Beach Bash! With a rail competition open to any snowboarder/skier to take part in showing off their skills and sweet prizes were handed out to the winners! With mens, womens, 16 and under rounds, the mountain was full of spectators watching tricks and spills. We got to the mountain early and got […]

Random Look - Weekend Travels

This weekend was filled with lots of Los Angeles places that we haven’t visited in awhile. We visited The Grove, Venice beach, a rad restaurant in Hollywood and ending the weekend at Mountain High. Check the pictures out with a few other shots of things I stumbled on that got my interest. 

Future Snow Vision

The future of snow goggles is going in a very technological way. These Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggle are one of the first of its kind with some cool features to take with you on the mountain with no annoying wires to get in the way. These goggles have lens features like polarized, photochromic light adjusting and anti-fog infused lenses. The inside of the googles are GPS integrated with readings […]

Snow Mission

Since I went snowboarding yesterday I’ve been in a snow kinda mood! It’s raining right now in Los Angeles and snowing in LA mountains! Had a great time on Mt High and with such a big crowd yesterday it still was enjoyable. The season here in LA has gotten to a late start but looks like Mt High and Bear Mountain are getting some good snow right now! Watch 3 […]

Doomsday Surfing!

  Via: Buzzfeed.com Since 2012 is labeled as the Apocalypse year why not make a watch one scenario which won’t really happen! Seeing through the eyes of a surfer in the ocean during some sessions, these surfers picked the wrong day to take a peaceful day in the waves. Hope to see more videos like this, interesting to see different takes on this idea.

Salt Riding!

In Utah, these guys brought their snowboards to touch down on the salt flats and see how fast they can ride! With the help of an ATV, these guys fly through the salt like its snow and with the boards getting a beating too! If the area looks familiar, it should, these salt flats were featured in many movies like Independents Day and Pirates Of The Caribbean. The place looks rad […]

Snow Hopping

While filming “The Shred Remains”, the Rome team hit up different resorts last season and filmed some extra shots on their off days! The scenery with a bunch of friends having fun boarding is always nice to see and I love times like these!