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A Drunk Skeleton

I’ve posted this once before but its thats funny that I’m posting it again! Now this skeleton should look familiar to most from Nightmare Before Christmas and if not…umm go watch Nightmare Christmas because its rad! Jack Skeleton was interested in Christmas but now is getting himself into some drunk scenarios with St. Patricks Day! I couldn’t imagine any other way of Jack seeing the irish day and why can’t […]

J I N G L E Bells!

Who doesn’t like Christmas songs? Okay, listening to holiday music isn’t everyones thing but it is refreshing to listen when your out shopping for presents or with family/friends during that Christmas party. This guy knows how to sing (Yes, I know he’s not really singing) Frank Sinatra’s version of Jingle Bells with looks to be different sides of himself! One shy side, some into their performance and that guy who […]

Halloween Monster Thriller Lights

This house in Riverside CA doesn’t have any ordinary Halloween decorations. The entire house lights up with 4 singing faces, real and fake pumpkins, tombstones, strobes and thousands of lights all synchronized to songs that play for the October season! Check out 3 of the many videos that make the songs come to life for Halloween.

Party Rock Kia!

Saw this hilariously rad commercial while watching the MTV Video Music Awards. There’s many people who hate these Kia Soul commercials but I think they’re very cool. Its one out of the few commercials that I won’t fast forward over or walk to go do something because for the minute that its on its entertaining. Not too crazy about the car but Kia does know how to make some good […]

Above and Beyond @ The Palladium In Hollywood!

Went to The Palladium in Hollywood May 13th and it was amazing. Awesome DJs, great crowd and a vibe throughout the whole building was like no other. I’ve been to events like this in the past and every time it’s an experience in itself. Granted I haven’t been to an event like this for awhile but the atmosphere stays the same with that feeling of everyone there for the same […]

Random Look - Concert Chaos!

Ever since I was 3 years old I can remember listening to Janet Jackson. She is one of my all time favorite artist and to finally be able to go to one of her concerts was a dream. I’ve always wanted to see her in concert and I can say that I have now! Janet was awesome! She sings great live and I don’t think there was one person disappointed. […]

3D 80's Ad

This ad was made for Ministry Of Sounds “Anthems Electronic 80s 2″ made by Paul Clements who was the designer, animation and direction. Love the different looks that are coupled with the different scenes and the music obviously makes the commercial better. paulclements.tv Check out the process.


In this video, Kirby Ferguson shows how everything comes from something and gives plenty of examples to back up this statement. ”To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.” Check out his 2nd video about movies and their inspirational flicks. http://vimeo.com/kirbyferguson

Don't make it too hot cos I don't wanna choka!

As you probably have already heard everywhere, Starbucks is changing their logo and with its simplistic look I think Starbuck’s logo change is for the better. From reading stories about the new logo, Starbucks says its not going to be the only change and the design side of the popular coffee is getting more attention to detail. The new logo will make its appearance in March to launch their 40th […]

A Social (Network) Song

Saw this funny video on Neatorama and its funny because its so true. Social media is great but also bad in some aspects. It might work for some but might be the end for others…or might be a little of both for some. This video sings the faults of the social networking world and how it effects you and the people around you. Watch, listen and agree. http://www.neatorama.com/