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LA's Soda Pop King

Here in Los Angeles there is a place where random, weird and peculiar delicious sodas go to live and wait for people see them in all their glory. At Glacos Soda Pop Stop, John Nese owns what used to be his father’s grocery store now converted to the Soda world that it is now. Around 500 flavors are on shelves in Soda Pop Stop and are sourced from all around the world all thanks […]

Youtube Ads Explained

I know everyone has seen these ads somewhere on videos that are on wonderful YouTube and some people are annoyed by the video blocking ads but myself I have no problem with them. If you ever wondered how and why these ads are around, Mario and Fafa will explain everything about Youtube ads to you and your friends.

Let's All Go To The Lobby!

“Let’s all go to the lobby”  first came up in 1953 and the musical snipe was actually played before the main movie was about to start. At the time theaters were just coming into the age of putting concession stands  with their movie theaters so the singing food was a little reminder that people could go get some snacks before the movie started. Here’s a few examples how the same […]

Are you following me?

Saw this post on Buzzfeed and thought it was pretty creepy and funny at the same time. I don’t know what i would do if a person did this to me while i was minding my own business at Target but its entertaining to watch it happen to other people. I did notice one thing though, he only plays the joke on the older people. I wonder if he’s had […]

Coke Ads

While I was looking for Coca Cola Christmas commercials I came across these tv ads that i remember seeing on tv too. I love when so much imagination is put into commercials and not just slapping a famous person to sell their product. With these 4 examples, Coca Cola really knows how to make a commercial special without having every single one with a famous face. Here’s 2 others i […]

Coca Cola Christmas

Its almost Christmas and i was thinking about all the cool commercials that come out for the holidays and really there not like they used to be. One that stuck out to me was the Coca Cola commercial with lit up big rig trucks. I remember watching it on tv and thinking how crazy it would be to actually see those huge trucks rolling by. Here’s the full commercial andalong […]