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Social Media Day 2012

  Tomorrow is Social Media Day and the interent is buzzing with meetups in different cities and countries! With meetups in Los Angeles, New York to Vancouver, Manila, Amsterdam to Paris, Sydney, Milano and so many cool places sharing the social media world! Myself I’ll be making my way to San Diego in California for the meetup at the Marina Kitchen at the Marriott Marquis and Marina! With over 200 […]

InTheFresh Has A Pinterest!

Look what happend! InTheFresh has a Pinterest! Now it just got created and I’m working on getting more pictures and videos added everyday so stay tuned for more sweet boards full of eye candy! If you have one yourself please follow and I love to see new content from people on Pinterest. We got boards from rad animals to epic tattoos and then some! Take a look at what InTheFresh’s […]

Dead Angry Birds

Tomasz Kaczkowski made a rad combination with Angry Birds and zombies! Angry Birds has become so big from just a game that anywhere you look someone is tweaking the Angry Birds into their style. So many different looks of the Angry Birds all over the web, this by far is one of the best. With guts, missing eyes, flesh hanging out, its hard to not to like these popular pop culture […]

LA's Food Truck Mayhem!

Some people call it a trend and others no better to see that the food truck industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve tried a good number of trucks here in my hometown of LA like The Frysmith, The Shrimp Pimp, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Louks To Go, The Dim Sum Truck and one of my favorites The Tornado Potato but there are so many more to try. I’ll see […]

Delicious Food Off Of Colorful Trucks!

This Sunday we decided to head down to Union Station in Los Angeles to the new event that’s been going on. What’s at this event you’re asking? It’s food trucks. Lots and lots of food trucks! If you’re in the Los Angeles area it’s an event that’s every first Sunday of the month  that started today and ends September 1st. Get together with family and/or friends the beginning of the […]

Are You One Of The Obsessed...With Facebook?

The numbers for Facebook with tagged photos, status updates, wall posts, comments, messages, photo uploads, event invites and shared links is unbelievable. With Facebook having 500,000,000 active users and growing it looks like it has become the most well known and used social media site. Watch this video and ask yourself, are you one of the obsessed? Or has the Facebook bug not gotten to you yet? I’m guilty as […]

A 1,000,000 Times Thank You

As a thank you to all of Porsche’s fans on Facebook, this 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car was fully covered in 1,000,000 Facebook names who “like” their page. Whats even more awesome is if you “like” their page before this lovely Porsche was made, you can search for your name on the car! Check out the nice video showing the process of the Porsche beast getting its exterior makeover […]

The Dark Ride

Lexus has introduced a new hybrid to the green family and brought out the CT200h. I love the advertising that was done for this car and bringing in some big names was surprising. Lexus did some “on the road” interviews driving the new Lexus CT200h through different places and a few were in Los Angeles. Whitney Cummings interviews Rosario Dawson in this video and talks about her different experiences driving […]

A Social (Network) Song

Saw this funny video on Neatorama and its funny because its so true. Social media is great but also bad in some aspects. It might work for some but might be the end for others…or might be a little of both for some. This video sings the faults of the social networking world and how it effects you and the people around you. Watch, listen and agree. http://www.neatorama.com/

Moms + Facebook = wheres the log out button?

Thankfully my parents don’t have Facebook and its I’m not surprised considering that just turning a computer on is a hard task for them. Although i do have other family members on Facebook I sometimes have to filter out some stuff but hey, hello sweet privacy settings! You are awesome!Anyways, watch this video with Lauren who talks about her mom having Facebook  and her alternative for older people. Also see […]