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Neff Brings Beach To Snow

  This last saturday I made my way with some good company to Bear Mountain for the Neff Beach Bash! With a rail competition open to any snowboarder/skier to take part in showing off their skills and sweet prizes were handed out to the winners! With mens, womens, 16 and under rounds, the mountain was full of spectators watching tricks and spills. We got to the mountain early and got […]

Random Look - Weekend Travels

This weekend was filled with lots of Los Angeles places that we haven’t visited in awhile. We visited The Grove, Venice beach, a rad restaurant in Hollywood and ending the weekend at Mountain High. Check the pictures out with a few other shots of things I stumbled on that got my interest. 

Winter Is Back...

Southern California just got hit with some rain and is left with cold wind, low temperatures and snow in our mountains! Here in Socal we don’t get too much of a winter so any rainfall gets us snowboarders excited! My phone was blowing up with alerts from all the local mountains and one of them being Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain has gotten 6-7 inches of snow today and might even […]

X Games Shredding Aspen!

This was one of the best seasons for the X Games and tricks were mastered, surprising outcomes, crazy crashes, medals out for the taking and a tribute was made. Winter X Games this year was awesome to watch from the snowboarding women and men in super pipe, snowmobile’s best trick and ski’s big air. These were just some of the many competitions that were challenged for this years riders and […]

Salt Riding!

In Utah, these guys brought their snowboards to touch down on the salt flats and see how fast they can ride! With the help of an ATV, these guys fly through the salt like its snow and with the boards getting a beating too! If the area looks familiar, it should, these salt flats were featured in many movies like Independents Day and Pirates Of The Caribbean. The place looks rad […]

Snow Trends

Colorado doesn’t seem too far off from their snowboard scene from ours here in Los Angeles but I will say we here in Socal have more than 2 styles of “steeze” but we do share some qualities. While watching this video I couldn’t help laugh at some of the funny snow wear and the lingo I have to admit I do say myself on a daily basis. Someone should make […]

Mammoth Open Snow!

I’ve done posts on Mountain High and Bear Mountain season openers so here is the 3rd mountain that had an opening day as well, Mammoth Mountain! Opening day was a great turnout and with riders from the Arbor Collective the mountain was ready for snowboarders on the trails. I went on a trip to Mammoth last season and after some big storms rolling through, our trip was amazing! I’m planning […]

Open Snow At Bear!

Another mountain opened a few days ago for us Socal people and Bear Mountain is one of the best mountains here! Every snowboarder/skier always waiting around this time in Socal for the local mountains to show off their videos of the first glimpse of snow plus opening day and Bear Mountain never disappoints.  I can’t wait to get my chance to take some runs down those Bear trails! Everyone knows […]

Opening Snow Day!

Its that time of year again! Snow is falling at Mountain High in California and today was opening day. All of us Californians who snowboard/ski are pretty happy right now considering we don’t get too much snow like other states and have to settle for riding down slopes with fake snow sprinkled with actual snow. We have few places to ride but one of the closest is Mountain High and […]

California Snow Riding

Another GoPro camera video! Watch some skilled riders from the USC ski and snowboard team at Mammoth Mountain in California! I’ve been up there myself and its an awesome place to snowboard and ski. Had a post of my trip to mammoth mountain a few months ago if you missed it here.