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Mr. Snowman

Since tomorrow is the first day of December I thought I would end the night with a nice festive video of a snowman scaring people! For people who live with snow, be aware of any snowmen you walk by because one might pop out at you! Good thing here in Socal we don’t get any snowfall but I guess I’ll be on the lookout when snowboarding. Happy December everyone!

Trick or Creepy?

   Getting trick or treaters at your door Halloween night is always fun but having Timmy there when you open the door…not so much. Reason? Timmy isn’t real. Timmy is a dummy and a trick for the candy givers who are less then enthused after no response to giving him candy. I would get pretty freaked out if this “person” didn’t move and didn’t speak in front of my house […]

Fear Clinic

FearNet.com has some pretty cool shows and one of them is Fear Clinic. Its about a doctor who helps (I think otherwise) 5 patients with their phobias and in doing this their worst fears overcome them. Who wouldn’t be scared already being treated by Freddy Krueger himself Robert Englund? What’s more scary then a phobia? Everyone is afraid of something from water to bugs to the dark and i know […]

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark!

This is from producer Guillermo del Toro from the original creepy movie in 1973. Just a hint if you haven’t seen the movie, a family goes to a house (which looks creepy of course) and they soon find out that they’re not the only ones living there. Thing is, they think they’re friendly but soon find out not so much. Haha! If you haven’t seen the original then i would […]

Freddy Krueger

Went to this Halloween store and was very surprised to see actual sized figures of 3 famous horror films. Pinhead, Micheal Myers and Freddy Krueger! Out of the 3 Krueger had the best creep factor because Myers couldn’t do much because he doesn’t talk and Pinhead didn’t really have any scary quotes coming out of him. Freddy on the other hand was the best, not only did it play the […]

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue.

The documentary already came out in 2009 but i thought it was a movie perfect for this occasion! It has interviews from legendary directors from different horror films and doesn’t leave anything out! http://nightmaresinredwhiteandblue.com/

Scary movie poster mania!

Here are some movie posters i like throughout the years and i’ll be posting more through the month. Now don’t mistake me saying these are good scary movies, just good scary movie posters! I know some will agree with me that not all these movies are the best of the bunch but the posters are pretty awesome! And this poster because i just think its hilarious!

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare!

So Red Dead Redemption is joining the club of zombie versions! Awesome! This has been known since the end of September but i thought i would share with anyone that didn’t already know! You’ll be able to download the zombie version October 26th!

The Wolf Man!

The Wolf Man! This monster by far is my favorite aside from Dracula and here’s the black and white classic! Made in 1941, it was made  by the not so successful Werewolf in London 6 years after. Everyone has probably seen the newer version of The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro which i thought was pretty good and depicted the old story well. Some or a lot will probably disagree […]