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Random Look - Weeks Photos

Here is this weeks photos. Went to a Def Leppard concert at the Gibson Amphitheater, found a hidden vegetable garden at Disneyland and went to a lobster festival in Long Beach.

Game scarf!

Saw this awesome piranha plant scarf on Buzzfeed and umm…where can i get it? Haha!  Its hand made and the only one on the planet. Well, that looks cool and not cheesy looking. It was sold on Etsy and already bought by someone but there are 2 more available so grab it while you can! I would love to have one! http://www.etsy.com/

Pumpkin cutters!

Happy Halloween!!! We made it everyone!!! Its Halloween and what better then to post some cool pumpkin carvings! Found these lovely carvings on Skull A Day and they look so cool! I wouldn’t even know how to start on any of these pumpkins, they’re so detailed and crazy looking. I’m putting up some pumpkins that my family and i carved last year too and today we’re actually carving some more […]