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InTheFresh Has A Pinterest!

Look what happend! InTheFresh has a Pinterest! Now it just got created and I’m working on getting more pictures and videos added everyday so stay tuned for more sweet boards full of eye candy! If you have one yourself please follow and I love to see new content from people on Pinterest. We got boards from rad animals to epic tattoos and then some! Take a look at what InTheFresh’s […]

Ouch!!! Fireworks!!!

Since today is 4th of July why not watch some stupid people matched up with fireworks! The lesson from this video is: Don’t do anything you see in this video! Granted its hilarious, people can get hurt and luckily everyone in this video looks like that made it okay. If you don’t celebrate 4th of july then have a happy Monday! Otherwise, Happy 4th of July and thank you from […]

LA Through A Lens!

Eric Kim is an LA photographer who captures the city in all its beauty. Watch Kim’s routine capturing photos of the life in Los Angeles.

Mountain Hijinks!

Oh Mountain High, you’re awesome in so many ways. Mostly because you’re the only real close place that I can get my snowboarding needs but also because you put on such cool events that I still haven’t been able to go to!  One of these days I will get myself to roll out of bed at 5am to beat traffic, get a good parking spot and see the glorious shows […]

LA's Food Truck Mayhem!

Some people call it a trend and others no better to see that the food truck industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve tried a good number of trucks here in my hometown of LA like The Frysmith, The Shrimp Pimp, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Louks To Go, The Dim Sum Truck and one of my favorites The Tornado Potato but there are so many more to try. I’ll see […]

Mardi Gras funniness!

Been wanting to go to Mardi Gras for the last 2 years and hopefully I’ll get to visit next year. If you’re not a fan of parties, large crowds of people, loud music, drunks or most of all drunken crowds of people dancing to loud music in streets then that time of year/place isn’t for you. For me though I love it! And I at least want to experience Mardi […]

Are You One Of The Obsessed...With Facebook?

The numbers for Facebook with tagged photos, status updates, wall posts, comments, messages, photo uploads, event invites and shared links is unbelievable. With Facebook having 500,000,000 active users and growing it looks like it has become the most well known and used social media site. Watch this video and ask yourself, are you one of the obsessed? Or has the Facebook bug not gotten to you yet? I’m guilty as […]

A Snow Day!

Went to Mountain High on Presidents Day and it was awesome! A storm had just went through Socal and every snowboarder was waiting for a storm like that to hit for some nice powder. We rarely get any real snow in California so actually seeing it besides the choppy ice thats made for us at any Cali mountain was a nice little gift from mother nature. Managed to take some […]

Are you following me?

Saw this post on Buzzfeed and thought it was pretty creepy and funny at the same time. I don’t know what i would do if a person did this to me while i was minding my own business at Target but its entertaining to watch it happen to other people. I did notice one thing though, he only plays the joke on the older people. I wonder if he’s had […]