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Party Monsters!

What can I say from watching this trailer? Umm…I wish I was there, I wish I could be at a party like this and when will I be at a party like this? This movie looks exactly what it is, a big party and a rad time! The main focus is on three high school seniors who are trying to make a name for themselves by throwing a party in […]

Dogs Surf Through Socal Rose Parade

Photo Via: DogTipper.com 2012 starts off with the wonderful Rose Parade held in sunny Pasadena, California and with Natural Balance’s record breaking float being the longest and heaviest float up to date its no wonder that its always one that people are waiting to see! Tillman the skateboarding dog is back with friends showing off their surfing skills on 65 foot long waves! This float was 116 feet long with […]

Pasadena Locals

LA Times asked 4 locals from Pasadena about their aspect on the lovely city and with interesting stories to tell anyone would want to visit. From a house with many stories, Rose Bowl flea market vendors to a local with food tours to “hidden” Pasadena hot spots, these locals know what they’re talking about. Being a local myself, Its always nice to see other people as enthusiastic about the cities […]

Cruz'n For Roses 2011

South Pasadena held its 7th annual Cruzn’ For Roses 2011 show and it was a big turnout! The show consists of classics and hot rods with a few other different vehicles that might look familiar to almost everyone. Walking up and down the South Pas. street was fender to fender cars with beautiful paint jobs, crazy racing bodies, old police vehicles and too many other eye candy things to list. Definitely […]