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Magic City

Set in Miami in the 1950s and not much is said about this new series that Starz is premiering in April of this year. With The Playboy Club not doing well at all and Pan Am still hanging in there the only competition for Magic City is a little show called Madmen. Yeah, think Magic City can stand next to the very popular Madmen? We will see! Magic City does […]

InTheFresh Has A Pinterest!

Look what happend! InTheFresh has a Pinterest! Now it just got created and I’m working on getting more pictures and videos added everyday so stay tuned for more sweet boards full of eye candy! If you have one yourself please follow and I love to see new content from people on Pinterest. We got boards from rad animals to epic tattoos and then some! Take a look at what InTheFresh’s […]

The River

ABC is premiering a new show next year called The River and it looks like everything I enjoy watching! It looks scary and creepy with a great setting in the amazon. A person missing, people going in hopes of finding the missing and then the story begins. Its looks like its filmed like a documentary so if your not into the shaky wobbly camera views with bits of darkness then […]

Google Plus, Cause Not Everyone Is Your Friend

Now that Google Plus is open to the public I’m wondering how many people are going to switch over from Facebook or have 2 accounts being unsure what to make of the new network. I’ve been a member of the Google Plus peeps for about 2 months since I got that magical envite from a friend and have enjoyed the features that have come along with it. There are so many […]

Intro Creations

Been watching all these shows lately and realized how cool the intros are to these shows! The detail with just the intros to a lot of shows now is great, for me i love watching to intro just as much as the actual show and i never pick up the remote to either fast forward if i have it on the dvr or change the channel until the show comes […]

Team Coco!!!

And a game to play while watching The Conan O’Brien show! Its the first day of the Conan show today! I had to do another post of Mr. O’Brien because i just can’t wait! So here are some pictures i’ve gathered, some from Buzzfeed, others i can’t remember and some hilarious promo videos for the show. One is remix which i think is funny so enjoy and Team Coco FTW!!! […]

The Walking Dead

Did anyone watch The Walking Dead on the network AMC? It debuted Sunday October 31st which was perfect because that was Halloween and i saw a bunch of tweets while it was airing that night. This show has the scariest scenario and the effects are great for a tv show. I was very surprised to see such good effects with the zombies and the bloody stuff in the hospital scenes. […]

Fear Clinic

FearNet.com has some pretty cool shows and one of them is Fear Clinic. Its about a doctor who helps (I think otherwise) 5 patients with their phobias and in doing this their worst fears overcome them. Who wouldn’t be scared already being treated by Freddy Krueger himself Robert Englund? What’s more scary then a phobia? Everyone is afraid of something from water to bugs to the dark and i know […]

SyFy promos.

I watch the SyFy channel sometimes and i can’t get over how the network goes all out on they’re promos for all their shows on the network. Every character is present in the promos and the height of imagination and special effects are awesome! Take a look at 2 of the longer commercials playing on SyFy and see what i’m talking about!