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Summer Movies!

Every summer the most anticipated movies come out all at once and myself, I find that I’m going to the theater every weekend and slipping a movie sometimes throughout the week before work the next day. This summer doesn’t look like it’ll be an exception. So many movies like Captain America, Green Lantern, Transformers, X-men and the one I’m really been waiting for The Hangover 2! There is maybe 1 […]

Another to the list!

As in “add Margarito to the list of competitors trying to beat Pacquiao”. Mr. Manny does it again in a full 12 rounds and claims the WBC super welterweight title! Not only did Margarito outweigh Pacquiao by 20 pounds but is taller than Pacman! Margarito couldn’t see what was coming…literally! Go Pacman!!! Where are you Mr. Mayweather? http://pacman.craveonline.com/   Watch a montage of the best boxer!

Ellen Scares!

Scaring people is always hilarious! Especially if you’re the one scaring because the look on that persons face right when they have that split second of panic, that one second they have no idea whats going on, that one moment of pure fright! Oh man, its priceless and you caused that! Its one of the greatest feelings in the world! You know it is…don’t lie.