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Random Look - Mini Trip

Taped up the car against rocks and bugs to go on our 4 day mini vacation this weekend and here are some pictures from our time in Vegas and Universal Studios Hollywood. If you want to see lots more pictures from my summer trip to Vegas here. We watched the Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Hotel and had some interesting drinks while my boyfriend and I were there. Saw these racers […]

Extreme Beer Goggles

A Danish bus company offers people who have drank too many beers or martinis a late night shuttle service. In their advertisement it shows a women and guy how they think they’re acting and how they are actually acting under the influence of alcohol. On the site Byturen they have an interactive video showing the belligerent partiers and using the arrow you can see the 2 different worlds of the party. Its […]

Random Look - Star Tours + Martinis

Went to Disneyland Sunday and finally got on Star Tours! It was awesome and afterwards we ended up at Yardhouse and had some drinks to finish off the night. By the way, happy.hours are the best.

Alcohol + Whipped Cream = Greatness!

With 9 different flavors from the company Whipped Lightning, who doesn’t want to try it? 18% alcohol infused with whipped cream topped with any drink, dessert and/or coffee this for sure is pure awesomeness! Doesn’t look like its available here in California yet but i hope soon! Now this is considered an alcoholic drink and not a food so if you’re under 21 in the US, sorry kiddies. You’ll have to […]


These are some pictures we took at California Adventure when eleTRONica was going on. It was a nice setup they had and the buildings leading to the sneek peek of Tron had projectors everywhere displaying the whole look of Tron and they even had a bar where you can beer and martinis! How cool is that! Theres a bunch of other eye candy things to look at so i’m not […]