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Help The Rebellion Against VW!

I thought the first commercial from VW was clever and now they have 2 new commercials with Greenpeace. The Rebellion is calling everybody to get VW to turn away from the dark side by taking care of our planet before its too late. Staying with the Star Wars theme of the first commercial, its excellent advertising for the obvious reason that Star Wars is a pop culture icon that no one […]

Mountain Hijinks!

Oh Mountain High, you’re awesome in so many ways. Mostly because you’re the only real close place that I can get my snowboarding needs but also because you put on such cool events that I still haven’t been able to go to!  One of these days I will get myself to roll out of bed at 5am to beat traffic, get a good parking spot and see the glorious shows […]

Snowball! Snowball! Snowball!

If you haven’t seen Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs then umm…go watch it! Its pretty funny and this scene just reminded me of snow fights but with ice cream. You know what i mean if you’ve seen it. Living in California, we don’t get much rain and for sure not snow so in order to have snow fights we have to drive to the snow. A funny saying from […]

Random Look

Went to golf and stuff yesterday and looking at everything either faded, broken, rusted, cracked and worn out made me think how long this place has been here and how many kids its made happy for the day.

World Of Color Roadshow

If you live here in California or have/wanted to visit California then you’ve heard of Disney’s new Show at California Adventure called World Of Color. I haven’t seen the show myself for the reason of I’m going to wait till the buzz dies down about it and the crowds aren’t so crazy to see it. I heard awhile back about Disney putting on a Roadshow as they were calling it […]

Liz not so bright....

Okay, i don’t know how they even came up with doing this in the first place but its pretty hilarious! And she attempts this twice! Ahahaha! What a trooper you are Liz!