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Party Rock Kia!

Saw this hilariously rad commercial while watching the MTV Video Music Awards. There’s many people who hate these Kia Soul commercials but I think they’re very cool. Its one out of the few commercials that I won’t fast forward over or walk to go do something because for the minute that its on its entertaining. Not too crazy about the car but Kia does know how to make some good […]

Superbowl!...oh, not superbowl but superbowl commercials!

I’m not a big superbowl fan but I am a fan of the commercials during the suprerbowl. These commercials to me are like a whole different animal compared to the regular commercials that are shown on a daily basis. Maybe one reason is the companies are really trying to grab the audience and get some more customers? Or maybe they’re trying to beat out all the others to be the […]