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Comic Con 2012

  This last weekend was one of the most anticipated conventions of the year and many get dressed up as their favorit character to walk the aisles of the San Diego convention center in California. Now Comic Con isn’t just a big costume party but the real means of the show is about the movies, tv shows and other media that grabs the attention of fans around the world. With […]

KassemG On Ink In LA!

Warning! Profanity in video! Since I’m going with some themed Los Angeles posts for now I thought I would give everyone a nice video of KassemG who interviews people walking around Venice Beach in LA. This particular interview has to do with tattoos and the stories why people have them. Myself, I was laughing at the conversations between KassemG and Venice passerbys with stories of religious, misinterpreted and screwed up tattoos with […]

LA's Food Truck Mayhem!

Some people call it a trend and others no better to see that the food truck industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve tried a good number of trucks here in my hometown of LA like The Frysmith, The Shrimp Pimp, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Louks To Go, The Dim Sum Truck and one of my favorites The Tornado Potato but there are so many more to try. I’ll see […]

SoundWorks Collection

Sound whether its music or sound effects makes a difference for a movie that can make the audience believe what they are watching. SoundWorks is a video series that puts a spotlight on numerous sound team studios talented work. Check out these 2 videos of the Walt Disney Imagineers and Universal Studios. http://soundworkscollection.com/

The Dark Ride

Lexus has introduced a new hybrid to the green family and brought out the CT200h. I love the advertising that was done for this car and bringing in some big names was surprising. Lexus did some “on the road” interviews driving the new Lexus CT200h through different places and a few were in Los Angeles. Whitney Cummings interviews Rosario Dawson in this video and talks about her different experiences driving […]

Betty White is the Sh*t!

If you missed Betty White on Saturday Night Live, OMG….you missed out! One of the best episodes i’ve seen of SNL in a long time! Hope to see more of her, she’s an awesome lady! Her are some promos she did for SNL and and an interview last week with Ellen Degeneres.

Another jab at Leno on air.

Why would Leno interview Kimmel? As everyone knows, there were rumors floating around that Leno’s people were threatening guests who were attending Jay Leno’s show but also Jimmy Kimmels show and that if they showed up on Kimmels first, they couldn’t be on Jay Leno afterwards. If you think about it, what guests have you NOT seen on Jay Leno for awhile? There is a good number of people. “The […]