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Christmas Vacation

Every Christmas my family and I watch Christmas Vacation with some other favorites but my favorite is always this one. Chevy Chase is hilarious, all the good and bad that happens with Christmas time is what makes it Christmas! I never get tired of watching this movie and every scene is classic. So if you don’t have a Christmas tradition or looking for one then watch this with your family. […]

"That was 3 claps."

Watch Team Awesome VS The Harlem Globetrotters! Not much to say about this bout, just watch and see someone get pulverized! And its not the Globetrotters. Oh! And if you’re not subscribed to his YouTube channel, you should be… http://www.youtube.com/user/kevjumba


I just thought this was hilarious to watch because who doesn’t like to see people fall, trip and crash? I hope no one was seriously hurt when any of this stuff happened of course. Just watch a little over 7 minutes of hilarity! via: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ And here are some pictures of fails!

Damn you Autocorrect!

I can’t stop reading these text messages from the all mighty iPhones and other hilarious smart phones. I thought i would share some texts i thought were hilarious on http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ and get you guys laughing. Keep going through the pages, they get better and better! I can’t believe  the words that iPhones associate with and in trying to help the person texting, they just end up making the person look like […]

It's a Trap!

I can’t wait for the 3rd Family Guy chapter of the trilogy to come out December 21st! No one can spoof the Star Wars movies better than Family Guy and the last 2 movies were awesome! Watching  the trailer for “It’s a Trap” looks hilarious with ewoks eating each other, fixies instead of speeder bikes, stormtrooper pillow fights and more! Get in line at your local Best Buy, Target or […]

For me to poop on!

Triumph the Insult Dog at the Attack of the Clones premier in New York! If you missed this get ready for hilarious rude jokes toward Star Wars super fans! They’re so funny that even Triumph is laughing while he’s trying to insult people. And Triumph has a guest that he brings that the fans don’t exactly appreciate! This link is the whole video that actually aired on Late Night Show. […]


Does this look and scenario look familiar? Guess T-mobile is taking a jab at AT&T now and its pretty funny. I myself have a MyTouch and i love it and i know plenty of people with T-Mobile and AT&T and i hear complaints on both ends but everyone knows the jokes with AT&T’s horrible service. I hear some iPhone users say “I don’t have any problems with my phone.” and […]

Turn the lights on!

I just thought this was hilarious and this closes the question that Shaq would make a terrible women….if anyone was asking that question in the first place. Ahahaha!!!

Ellen Scares!

Scaring people is always hilarious! Especially if you’re the one scaring because the look on that persons face right when they have that split second of panic, that one second they have no idea whats going on, that one moment of pure fright! Oh man, its priceless and you caused that! Its one of the greatest feelings in the world! You know it is…don’t lie.