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Dead Angry Birds

Tomasz Kaczkowski made a rad combination with Angry Birds and zombies! Angry Birds has become so big from just a game that anywhere you look someone is tweaking the Angry Birds into their style. So many different looks of the Angry Birds all over the web, this by far is one of the best. With guts, missing eyes, flesh hanging out, its hard to not to like these popular pop culture […]


Following the last post Influencers, here’s a look at one example of a great influencer Jeff Staple. Being the Founder and not to mention the creative director of Staple Design, Jeff Staple is also an owner of Reed Space Shops and speaks his take on influences to him.

Bored In The Basement's Rad Designs!

I would have to say that I wouldn’t be bored with these designs! Bored In The Basement yet again has some rad designs out along with designs from featured artists every month. Nothing will get old at BitB and look forward to every month with different awesome designs by great designers. From shirts with hilarious double meanings to the crazy scary ones, take your pick, theres a lot to choose […]

When Movies And Type Collide!

I was just looking through You Tube this early morning and came across these kinetic typography videos and they just entertained me. I can’t believe that I remember every scene visually when i hear these clips. Here’s 7 videos that were the best that i watched and this first 2 videos give a quick explanation of typography in different aspects.                

Colorful Office Pleasures

This office in Zagreb, Croatia was originally an apartment and with a little design put into the picture it still keeps its homey atmosphere while still giving the intention of an office for work. The best of both worlds! Check out some other interior designs and murals from Branimir Sabljic. http://www.behance.net/BranimirSabljic

Graphically inclined

Found these really talented Showreels on You Tube and I recognized some of the work! I don’t know how some people put together a years worth of work into minutes and still make it look great and entertaining at the same time. I guess it can be done and here are examples of the eye candy with these 4 showreels! Netstarter 3D Showreel 2010 Whitenoise Showreel 2010 Fraser Davidson Showreel […]

Neon glowing heads!!!

Check out these theme based samples of New Era 59Fiftys and some with a UV feel to them by artist Mateusz Sypien. Never seen anything so far out like these star wars and game themed hats and I think New Era should give these a try from Sypien. They for sure would sell i think and especially the neon ones! Nice job and really cool idea! http://www.behance.net/strobobibo

Kat Von D Vector Style

Saw this really nice work of Kat Von D from artist Claudio Castellano from Italy. Check out some of his work from the link below, some including The Dark Knight and The Joker. http://www.behance.net/archclaudiocastellan

Price Custom Shoes

Like the many i’ve seen making their own custom shoes, there are a few that jump out of the crowd with their designs and one of them is Tony Price. A family man and graphic designer, Price never thought he would be working on custom shoes but i myself would love to get a pair! Here are some of his designs and visit his website to see more of the custom […]