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The Thing Of 2011!

What a perfect time for this movie to make it debut. Of course it would come out in my favorite month ever! October of course is the month of Halloween and along with The Thing on movie screens I’m sure there will be other scary flicks to accompany this one. The Thing of 2011 is obviously a remake which isn’t a surprise because whats not being remade? This is one […]

Above and Beyond @ The Palladium In Hollywood!

Went to The Palladium in Hollywood May 13th and it was amazing. Awesome DJs, great crowd and a vibe throughout the whole building was like no other. I’ve been to events like this in the past and every time it’s an experience in itself. Granted I haven’t been to an event like this for awhile but the atmosphere stays the same with that feeling of everyone there for the same […]

Off The Planet

Red Bull put on a show at what looks like Mammoth Mountain and put a little twist to the show with ramps and a blown up sphere in the middle with projectors shown on them with designs. The projector designs also play along with the riders flying over the ramps so that creates a great show! watch and enjoy, especially the creepy eye that follows the riders!