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Green Monster Stack

While drinking every kind of irish drink possible these guys make the most disgusting St. Patrick’s Day themed pancake potato stack or…whatever this thing is. The process looks pretty enjoyable with all the different drinks they’re having from whiskey to rum and why not couple it with this green mess of a potato stack! Have any untraditional foods or drinks you drink for St. Patrick’s Day?

Random Look - Star Tours + Martinis

Went to Disneyland Sunday and finally got on Star Tours! It was awesome and afterwards we ended up at Yardhouse and had some drinks to finish off the night. By the way, happy.hours are the best.

A Whale's Vagina.

Don’t know what “A whale’s vagina” is? Its not literally a vagina of a whale, just watch the movie Anchorman. You’ll get your answer there and here’s a question…who hasn’t seen Anchorman??? Okay, a little off track now. Here’s some pictures from my trip this weekend with family to San Diego! Had some good times and in having such a good time I didn’t take too many pictures! Ahhh! I […]

Above and Beyond @ The Palladium In Hollywood!

Went to The Palladium in Hollywood May 13th and it was amazing. Awesome DJs, great crowd and a vibe throughout the whole building was like no other. I’ve been to events like this in the past and every time it’s an experience in itself. Granted I haven’t been to an event like this for awhile but the atmosphere stays the same with that feeling of everyone there for the same […]

Random Look - Concert Chaos!

Ever since I was 3 years old I can remember listening to Janet Jackson. She is one of my all time favorite artist and to finally be able to go to one of her concerts was a dream. I’ve always wanted to see her in concert and I can say that I have now! Janet was awesome! She sings great live and I don’t think there was one person disappointed. […]

Snow Party

Its official! I’m going to Mammoth next weekend and it’ll be my first time! Going with some friends and celebrating one of their birthdays. They were telling me about the mountain and the bars/pubs/lounges/clubs there so i’m pretty excited! I’ve been staring at the weather forecast to see if any good storms are going to be rolling through and its still 50/50 but with the crazy weather that California has […]

Colorful Alcohol!

Whoa! Anyone know where i can get these drinks??? I would totally buy these! I have no clue how this guy did that with the colors and it doesn’t look fake so….hmmm…