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Drifting Through Long Beach

  This last weekend Long Beach CA held its yearly Toyota Grand Prix with Formula one racing, a celebrity race with the famous Scion TC’s and the must see Formula D drifting races! This event is the single largest event in the city of Long Beach in its downtown district and the whole weekend generates over 200,000 people! Its the longest running street race held in North America with a […]

Tandem Of Die

Shot over the whole 2011 Formula Drift season and other places around the world, Tandem Of Die brings us not only rad footage of drifting competitions but the party side of the crew! An official date hasn’t been released yet but be ready for the DVD to be out for any die hard drifting fan!

Drifter Intelligence

Want to know the in and outs of a professional drift car? Watch professional drifter Dai Yoshihara’s tech Mike Kojima talk and show the technical inner workings of Dai’s Nissan S13 car. One of many videos from GT Channel following Dai Yoshihara on the 2011 Formula D drifting season with a series called Behind The Smoke. Of course theres some rad camera angles from GoPros and following Dai and his […]

Aloha Kings.

Haven’t done a post really about the other interests i have so heres another one to share with everyone. Since i was 9 i was into cars, coming from a dad who fixed up hot rods to my brother who fixed up imports. I love any type of car that has any time and love put into it and here are some  good examples of that.