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Ink At Its Finest

Straying out of the Christmas theme for a bit, here is a perfect example of beauty through tattoos. Not many would go to this level of dedication but those that do have great work done from the best artists who can make ink on skin look amazing. Watch the process and skill from Bill Canales making this rad back piece.

Spider Man 2012

In 2012 a new Spider Man will grace the movie screens and we’ll all hear how bad this version is too. Haha! I wasn’t too crazy about the 3 Toby movies, especially the 3rd one but this version looks like it has some potential without getting too cheesy. Starring Andrew Garfield,  Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary and Emma Stone so with a cast like that I’m hoping this could be the movie […]

Inked Dedication

Check out this session of a tattoo being done in a span of 3 days and the brave individual sitting a total of 24 hours in the chair to get this beautiful piece. The artist Russ Abbott from Atlanta tattooed a full sleeve from shoulder to hand in his Ink And Dagger Tattoo Parlour in May of 2010. The outcome looks awesome and Abbott has some true talent! The time that […]

Featured Artist : Jared Nickerson

An artist from Seattle, Jared Nickerson has a one of a kind look to his work. He’s worked with brands like Adidas, Nike and had his work has been featured in Computer Arts Magazine and also branches out to doing album covers for famous bands. Nickerson’s work all has different looks from very detailed on wood to simple lined characters. I love the little details like the tattoos on some […]

A long time ago, in a graveyard far, far away...

These videos were based off a great illustrator named Matt Busch. Coupled with Jib Jab these lovely videos were made and are so funny and gross at the same time! Matt Busch has his own site Hollywood Is Dead and there you’ll find some famous movie posters with a zombified look and lots of other illustrations! He’s put his hand to a lot of famous posters like Star Wars, Indiana Jones […]

Featured Artist : Angry Woebot

Originally Aaron Martin had in his mind to create a grizzly bear for his creation at a local Hawaiian poetry slam but his friend forgot the colors so like any artists, you make do with what you have. So with that he made a panda instead of a grizzly bear and it took off from there! Born on the island Oahu, Martin’s art has grown from paintings to vinyl toys to clothing. […]

Team Coco!!!

And a game to play while watching The Conan O’Brien show! Its the first day of the Conan show today! I had to do another post of Mr. O’Brien because i just can’t wait! So here are some pictures i’ve gathered, some from Buzzfeed, others i can’t remember and some hilarious promo videos for the show. One is remix which i think is funny so enjoy and Team Coco FTW!!! […]

Random Look

Here’s some more pictures from that mural. Its extended now down the alley. Im really liking the other parts of the mural!

Tattoo photography

This post is going to be a little longer but don’t worry, not a lot of reading but a lot of photos! Professional photos  to be exact and also very beautiful. The photos are taken be different photographers and i’ll attach the link at the bottom of each set so you can take a look at the rest of the work. If you’re not a fan of tattoos then this […]