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LA's Pancake Breakfast

  The 2nd annual Pancake Breakfast is being held by LA Weekly here in Los Angeles. The delicious breakfast event is being held at the Vibiana in Downtown LA with food from great chefs alike and morning foods that’ll make you want them all day! Come join the festivities on August 5th if you’re a lover of breakfast and meet others who love a good stack of pancakes! To get you in […]

Underground Los Angeles

  Los Angeles has many different aspects of history, one being the secrets of the underground speakeasy tunnels connecting LA’s downtown area. Built during the early 1900s, Los Angeles was built as a busy city with banks and bars staying open throughout the nights. Prohibition hit the city and the everything kept going with busy people and bars. Instead of drinking taking place in the conventional bar in downtown LA, […]

LA Art Walk 2012

  This is an updated look at the LA Art Walk held here in Downtown Los Angeles. I attended the Art Walk and saw all the great art work and posted pictures here. The atmosphere of the Art Walk is great with different types of art, music and the people! More areas are bringing art, music and people together like Venice, Santa Ana and others which is great! For DTLA […]

Los Angeles In A Globe

Over 4000 still images with a custom built camera rig, a Canon 5D MIII, custom tilt shift lens, light bulb filled with water and paper cut outs for effects are the result of beautiful shots of Los Angeles! During the holidays LA was shot in a one of a kind way bringing out every light in the downtown buildings, every letter in the Hollywood sign, the colorful lights at Santa […]

Random Look - DTLA Artwalk

Last night I went to the Downtown LA Art Walk and we saw lots of different types of art. Its nice to see the art culture thriving with so many different people getting their ideas out for people to appreciate. The Art Walk takes place every month on the 2nd Thursday and with galleries featuring graffiti art to illuminating displays its no surprise that the streets of downtown LA are packed […]

LA Lights

Another look at LA in all its rad night views. I love being here in LA and I really can’t see myself anywhere else. It took 6 months for Colin Rich to capture every single beautiful frame in this Los Angeles time lapse. Watch and enjoy!

Fly over LA!

Here’s another fly over but switching up the scenery to a more city look. Downtown LA is home to the Staple Center and the US Bank building. This video is a little old but still what a beautiful site! So check out a cool video overlooking LA’s city with our buildings, many freeways and the crazy amount of cars! What else can you spot in this video?

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

The Downtown Art Walk in Los Angeles has been going on for awhile and it happens the 2nd  Thursday of every month so if you miss one you can go the next time! Theres over 20 beautiful art galleries and when you’re done looking at art theres bars, restaurants and retail shops around the self-guided Art Walk so there is plenty to do on a Thursday. Most galleries are open […]

Beautiful Los Angeles

Here’s a video of beautiful LA…some nice places to hang out, different types of people and some good tourist spots. Its not everything here in LA but still a nice video to watch. I’m at a lot of these places and could say that its always fun even with the monster traffic and having to use the freeways majority of the time to get where you want to go. Got […]