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April Fools Cupcakes

  On April Fools day Johnny Cupcakes played a joke on his followers by replacing his stores clothing with actual cupcakes! Not one shirt or accessory could be found at the locations of the famous JC stores including Los Angeles but everyone seemed to be very delighted by the switch of inventory. Now of course Johnny didn’t  just have plain old vanilla cupcakes but went all out with flavors that you […]

Cake Disasters

I could not stop laughing at some of these cakes that were actually made! At Cake Wrecks Blogspot they post some masterpieces but along with those beautiful desserts there are some bad apples…or umm…cakes/cupcakes/cookies. Some really hideous ones! I’m guessing some were made with the intention of looking great and resulted into something totally different. While others I hope were made on purpose for a good laugh because if so, […]

Random Look - Cookie Monsters

Going to a party Sunday and the deal is everyone has to make a dozen cookies to trade with everyone else. Well, our cookies are pretty hilarious considering my family and I have never really done the whole baking and decorating cookie fiasco. I think with no baking experience ever, we did a good job.

Alcohol + Whipped Cream = Greatness!

With 9 different flavors from the company Whipped Lightning, who doesn’t want to try it? 18% alcohol infused with whipped cream topped with any drink, dessert and/or coffee this for sure is pure awesomeness! Doesn’t look like its available here in California yet but i hope soon! Now this is considered an alcoholic drink and not a food so if you’re under 21 in the US, sorry kiddies. You’ll have to […]

Geek foods!

Some geeky cakes…and what i mean by geeky i mean f*cking awesome! Yes, i know they’re wedding cakes but still, look at these things! Also some other pastries that i wouldn’t want to eat. http://www.neatorama.com/2010/09/13/30-weird-geeky-and-cool-wedding-cakes/ http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2009/10/13/a-surprisingly-large-gallery-of-video-game-cupcakes/