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Party Rock Kia!

Saw this hilariously rad commercial while watching the MTV Video Music Awards. There’s many people who hate these Kia Soul commercials but I think they’re very cool. Its one out of the few commercials that I won’t fast forward over or walk to go do something because for the minute that its on its entertaining. Not too crazy about the car but Kia does know how to make some good […]

Help The Rebellion Against VW!

I thought the first commercial from VW was clever and now they have 2 new commercials with Greenpeace. The Rebellion is calling everybody to get VW to turn away from the dark side by taking care of our planet before its too late. Staying with the Star Wars theme of the first commercial, its excellent advertising for the obvious reason that Star Wars is a pop culture icon that no one […]

Mountain Hijinks!

Oh Mountain High, you’re awesome in so many ways. Mostly because you’re the only real close place that I can get my snowboarding needs but also because you put on such cool events that I still haven’t been able to go to!  One of these days I will get myself to roll out of bed at 5am to beat traffic, get a good parking spot and see the glorious shows […]

Nike has nothing on Adidas!

Well, commercials for sure and the special edition collections like the Star Wars Edition clothing there’s no wonder to how big their name has gotten.  Adidas has been coming out with some great advertising on television backed with stars like music artists to sports athletes. Check out their latest tv spot.  

Neon breakers!

Saw this on The High Definite and i was amazed!Just thought this video was put together well and its a cool experiment they did too! It involves camcorders, fluorescent liquid tubes and awesome break dancing! Oh! If you have a QR code scanner on your smart phone, get that baby out and scan the box when it pops out in the video if you want to know more about this video! […]

Oldie Ghost stories!

I remember watching these when i was little. They don’t make any cartoons just fun to watch anymore which is a real bummer because kids are missing out on real cartoons. Here’s 2 i remember watching and thinking to myself “why do they look so old?”. Haha! Reason? These cartoons have been aired from the 1930 and after that! Me being a kid of the 80′s i was used to […]