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Halloween Horror Nights

Its that time of year for Universal Studios in Hollywood to scare the sh*t out of everyone who attends their Halloween Horror Nights event! I attend this event every year and its not to be missed. Last year was an awesome time and to get an idea of what to look forward to look here from my post last year. Every year they have different themes, this year includes the […]

Freddy Krueger

Went to this Halloween store and was very surprised to see actual sized figures of 3 famous horror films. Pinhead, Micheal Myers and Freddy Krueger! Out of the 3 Krueger had the best creep factor because Myers couldn’t do much because he doesn’t talk and Pinhead didn’t really have any scary quotes coming out of him. Freddy on the other hand was the best, not only did it play the […]

Let me help you...

I thought i would go away from the classic monsters today and put up this creepy Snickers commercial. When i first saw this all could think was “Eww!” Besides the “women” being tall and having 1 creepy long arm, it or she has the creepiest face! Then you find out its 2 little boys just wanting everyone to buy snickers for Halloween so they can get it when they go […]

Bioshock 2.

While watching a daily video blog CTFxC, both Charles Trippy and Alli Speed been playing this game that came out called Bioshock. I went on YouTube to see some previews and it looks like a pretty awesome game with a big side of creepiness. I looked at the site for awhile and it just makes me  want to get the game even more now. I think what creeps me out […]