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Comic Con 2012

  This last weekend was one of the most anticipated conventions of the year and many get dressed up as their favorit character to walk the aisles of the San Diego convention center in California. Now Comic Con isn’t just a big costume party but the real means of the show is about the movies, tv shows and other media that grabs the attention of fans around the world. With […]

Zombie Comic Con

A wonderful thing happens in downtown San Diego every year and one of those things is Comic Con. This year Comic Con started July 21st to 24st and from all the different footage I’ve seen all over the web this moment stood out to me. A zombie walk was held through the Gaslamp District and all sorts of zombies were there making their appearance from Storm Troopers to Allen from […]

Spider Man 2012

In 2012 a new Spider Man will grace the movie screens and we’ll all hear how bad this version is too. Haha! I wasn’t too crazy about the 3 Toby movies, especially the 3rd one but this version looks like it has some potential without getting too cheesy. Starring Andrew Garfield,  Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary and Emma Stone so with a cast like that I’m hoping this could be the movie […]

Captain America

I want to see it…pretty much it. It has Chris Evens in it and this trailer makes the movie look even better! If you listen in the trailer Mr. Stark is mentioned too! Out of all the Avengers, this movie is one of the few that looks awesome! Watch the trailer and don’t be so picky about everything. Its a movie.

Summer Movies!

Every summer the most anticipated movies come out all at once and myself, I find that I’m going to the theater every weekend and slipping a movie sometimes throughout the week before work the next day. This summer doesn’t look like it’ll be an exception. So many movies like Captain America, Green Lantern, Transformers, X-men and the one I’m really been waiting for The Hangover 2! There is maybe 1 […]


Another super hero from Marvel is coming to theaters next May in 2011…if you’re reading this before watching the preview then i’ll give you some hints. Its a guy with hair, 2 arms and 2 legs…did you get it? Well, if you didn’t its Thor and more super heros are getting their debut on the big screen. Thor along with Green Lantern, Captain America and Green Hornet. Introducing a new […]