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Snowboarding Mammoth Mountain!

This being my first time in Mammoth and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain, it was f*cking amazing! I’m not the best snowboarder (yet) but I did snowboard from a pretty high point on the mountain. Compared to Mountain High the trails at Mammoth are way longer and wider so my friends and I had a nice workout the 2 days we were there. The mountain had some nice places to dine […]

Mountain Hijinks!

Oh Mountain High, you’re awesome in so many ways. Mostly because you’re the only real close place that I can get my snowboarding needs but also because you put on such cool events that I still haven’t been able to go to!  One of these days I will get myself to roll out of bed at 5am to beat traffic, get a good parking spot and see the glorious shows […]

A Snow Day!

Went to Mountain High on Presidents Day and it was awesome! A storm had just went through Socal and every snowboarder was waiting for a storm like that to hit for some nice powder. We rarely get any real snow in California so actually seeing it besides the choppy ice thats made for us at any Cali mountain was a nice little gift from mother nature. Managed to take some […]

Random Look

This time a video! Its pouring here in California and here’s a peek of how much it sucks. Can u tell im not a fan of the cold rainy weather?

Its kinda cold!

Since i already posted a snowboard today i’ll just stick with the theme of “Snow”!  The Knife Show who is based here in Los Angeles and Big Bear mountain is a snow production company thats been making fx videos with lovely snow seasons. Every single video thats put out has a different effect and theme and they’re just too cool! I even bought a dvd they were selling last snow […]

First person shooter.

I know snow in general is something that no ones really is thinking about at this time with the awesome hot weather we’re having here in Cali but found  this video with the coolest view! This guy is up at Mammoth Mountain which i believe still has snow right now! I would try to make an appearance there but honestly, i don’t have the devotion to drive that far for […]

Visit to Bear Mountain!

Went to bear mountain this last Friday and it was cold, crowded and the best time ever! Haven’t been there in years and never went to Big Bear to snowboard. So this snowboard experience was better than any other because most of all the space was way bigger than Mountain high and not so many douchebags there. Here are a few pictures i took while i was there and trying […]