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Random Look - Disney Coffee Book

These are some new cups that Starbucks has out…they look really stable and heavy. Starbucks is coming out with some crazy designs. One of them is my score…i’ll give you a hint…not really good. Just some pictures from the last week.

Don't make it too hot cos I don't wanna choka!

As you probably have already heard everywhere, Starbucks is changing their logo and with its simplistic look I think Starbuck’s logo change is for the better. From reading stories about the new logo, Starbucks says its not going to be the only change and the design side of the popular coffee is getting more attention to detail. The new logo will make its appearance in March to launch their 40th […]

Alcohol + Whipped Cream = Greatness!

With 9 different flavors from the company Whipped Lightning, who doesn’t want to try it? 18% alcohol infused with whipped cream topped with any drink, dessert and/or coffee this for sure is pure awesomeness! Doesn’t look like its available here in California yet but i hope soon! Now this is considered an alcoholic drink and not a food so if you’re under 21 in the US, sorry kiddies. You’ll have to […]