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Costume Mayhem!

Costumes are one of the first things anyone thinks of when October comes around and yes the holiday is for kids, trick or treating and watching scary movies but its taken a turn I think the last few years. Halloween has become a holiday for adults with hilarious, sexy and just gross costumes and what better place to see perfect examples of this than from College Humor! Take a look […]

Costumed Pumpkins

As the 1st day of October what’s more Halloween then pumpkin carvings. I’ve found carvings maybe not everyone can accomplish but are so detailed that anyone would be amazed. Noel’s Fantasy Pumpkins have been getting attention from the local news stations and with years of carvings the pumpkins this year should look even crazier! He’s made some rad carvings from Star Wars characters to old cartoons like Tom & Jerry […]

Spider Man 2012

In 2012 a new Spider Man will grace the movie screens and we’ll all hear how bad this version is too. Haha! I wasn’t too crazy about the 3 Toby movies, especially the 3rd one but this version looks like it has some potential without getting too cheesy. Starring Andrew Garfield,  Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary and Emma Stone so with a cast like that I’m hoping this could be the movie […]

Help The Rebellion Against VW!

I thought the first commercial from VW was clever and now they have 2 new commercials with Greenpeace. The Rebellion is calling everybody to get VW to turn away from the dark side by taking care of our planet before its too late. Staying with the Star Wars theme of the first commercial, its excellent advertising for the obvious reason that Star Wars is a pop culture icon that no one […]

Let's All Go To The Lobby!

“Let’s all go to the lobby”  first came up in 1953 and the musical snipe was actually played before the main movie was about to start. At the time theaters were just coming into the age of putting concession stands  with their movie theaters so the singing food was a little reminder that people could go get some snacks before the movie started. Here’s a few examples how the same […]

Do you like nuts?

Been seeing these funny commercials of Mr. Peanut of Planters Nuts and thought they were funny. Haven’t seen good Planters Nuts commercials in awhile and i guess they thought to go out of 2010 with some funny ones. I think they succeeded! http://adsoftheworld.com/blog I love watching behind the scenes videos of cool commercials, movies, music videos and anything else that looks like it had an awesome process to it. A […]


Another super hero from Marvel is coming to theaters next May in 2011…if you’re reading this before watching the preview then i’ll give you some hints. Its a guy with hair, 2 arms and 2 legs…did you get it? Well, if you didn’t its Thor and more super heros are getting their debut on the big screen. Thor along with Green Lantern, Captain America and Green Hornet. Introducing a new […]

Chip & Dale VS Donald Duck

I remember watching these cartoons on the Disney channel, you know…when Disney had cool cartoons on TV. Yeah, i said it. I wish these cartoons were on DVD or something because i miss watching these so much! I doubt anything remotely close will ever come out like these awesome animations and thats what makes them so special. I hope they never get forgotten! I’ll be posting a few more that […]

Droid suits

I thought the R2D2 suit was crazy but then a C3PO was made! I honestly think the C3PO looks a little better then the R2D2 swim suit but just these things being made just shows how pop culture has taken Star Wars to a new level! I like it! http://shop.blackmilkclothing.com/ Seen on: http://www.buzzfeed.com/

It's a Trap!

I can’t wait for the 3rd Family Guy chapter of the trilogy to come out December 21st! No one can spoof the Star Wars movies better than Family Guy and the last 2 movies were awesome! Watching  the trailer for “It’s a Trap” looks hilarious with ewoks eating each other, fixies instead of speeder bikes, stormtrooper pillow fights and more! Get in line at your local Best Buy, Target or […]