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A Classic Christmas Special

Christmas has so many different traditions for families and one is Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Since first aired in 1964, its the longest running Christmas TV special in the US and one of the few most popular stop motion animations. Theres many spoofs on the film mainly for its now old fashion look and choppy stop motion look. Its a nice way to remember the days when animations were meant […]

Zombie Cartoons

Andre De Freitas has a way of making his illustrations look life like with 2 different types of art. Having backgrounds in both photography and illustration, Freitas has made some great zombie portraits of some classic cartoon characters. Check out the rest of the zombie portraits on his portfolio site with other illustrations and photographs.


Since I had so many pictures of The Simpsons Krustyland at Universal Studios, I thought I would make its own post. If the area looks familiar it should be because where The Simpsons ride is now used to be the Back To The Future ride. Right next to all the clown/circus stuff  that is Krustyland is The Kwik-E-Mart which sells everything Simpsons for the crazy fans. The displays, the building, […]

Theme Park Radness!

Went to Universal Studios Hollywood Sunday and its been awhile since I’ve been there. They have a pretty good deal right now if you’re a local which is buy a ticket that day and get the rest of the year free so why not? Their City Walk is right beside it with some nice restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump’s, Saddle Ranch and others with a food court if […]

Let's All Go To The Lobby!

“Let’s all go to the lobby”  first came up in 1953 and the musical snipe was actually played before the main movie was about to start. At the time theaters were just coming into the age of putting concession stands  with their movie theaters so the singing food was a little reminder that people could go get some snacks before the movie started. Here’s a few examples how the same […]

Coke Ads

While I was looking for Coca Cola Christmas commercials I came across these tv ads that i remember seeing on tv too. I love when so much imagination is put into commercials and not just slapping a famous person to sell their product. With these 4 examples, Coca Cola really knows how to make a commercial special without having every single one with a famous face. Here’s 2 others i […]

Chip & Dale VS Donald Duck

I remember watching these cartoons on the Disney channel, you know…when Disney had cool cartoons on TV. Yeah, i said it. I wish these cartoons were on DVD or something because i miss watching these so much! I doubt anything remotely close will ever come out like these awesome animations and thats what makes them so special. I hope they never get forgotten! I’ll be posting a few more that […]

Snowball! Snowball! Snowball!

If you haven’t seen Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs then umm…go watch it! Its pretty funny and this scene just reminded me of snow fights but with ice cream. You know what i mean if you’ve seen it. Living in California, we don’t get much rain and for sure not snow so in order to have snow fights we have to drive to the snow. A funny saying from […]

Oh reindeer!!!

Just thought this was a good clip from Family Guy that has to do with the Christmas season. Not exactly a happy moment or the first thing thought of when anyone thinks of Christmas but still pretty funny. Not saying  DUI’s are funny at all but just as a funny joke in a cartoon like this i would say okay. (Do not ever drink and drive!)

It's a Trap!

I can’t wait for the 3rd Family Guy chapter of the trilogy to come out December 21st! No one can spoof the Star Wars movies better than Family Guy and the last 2 movies were awesome! Watching  the trailer for “It’s a Trap” looks hilarious with ewoks eating each other, fixies instead of speeder bikes, stormtrooper pillow fights and more! Get in line at your local Best Buy, Target or […]