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Cars Land

Photo Via : http://sharemickey.com/ I posted photos yesterday of California Adventure’s Cars Land so todays post will be of a video from the newly dressed park! The new architecture and rides are the best yet from the disney parks and these new additions feel like a disney park with imagination again.

Random Look - Opening Night Of Cars Land And More

  Visited California Adventure’s new Cars Land opening at night and the place looks amazing! Finally CA Adventure looks and feels like a Disney park. From the movie Cars, a portion of the park is transformed and visitors really feel like they’re walking into Radiator Springs. Every inch of the new Cars Land looks to have lots of detail in every inch from the fresh pavement to the flowered looking […]

Driving Museum

  Founded in 2001, a one of a kind museum was made in a west Los Angeles garage. Earl Rubenstein and Stanley Zimmerman made the Automobile Driving Museum with one key difference from other museums. “Hands on” as oppose to “Do not touch” is Rubenstein and Zimmerman’s approach with a collection of 130 antique and vintage cars. The museum preserves and maintains these beautiful autos and lets people sit behind […]

Tandem Of Die

Shot over the whole 2011 Formula Drift season and other places around the world, Tandem Of Die brings us not only rad footage of drifting competitions but the party side of the crew! An official date hasn’t been released yet but be ready for the DVD to be out for any die hard drifting fan!

LA Night Landing!

Ever wonder what southern California looks like while landing a plane at LAX airport? By this video it looks amazingly bright! All the different cities and lights look so crazy and beautiful.I can see the cars on the freeways in traffic, the ferris wheel in Santa Monica and I can recognize everything the pilot is flying over mostly, can you?

Fly over LA!

Here’s another fly over but switching up the scenery to a more city look. Downtown LA is home to the Staple Center and the US Bank building. This video is a little old but still what a beautiful site! So check out a cool video overlooking LA’s city with our buildings, many freeways and the crazy amount of cars! What else can you spot in this video?

Radiator Springs Racers

California Adventure here in Socal is getting a new section put together for 2012 called “Cars Land”. Umm…really? Cars Land? I think a better name could have been thought up but whatever. This new ride included in the new land is called Radiator Springs Racers and its a coaster type ride with a Ferrari looking car racing you through all of the Springs. (Nice choice selection by the way Disney, […]

Fast Five

Another of the Fast and Furious to add to the collection! With characters from some of the movies coming together to make the Fast Five. Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson all in this movie seem like too many main characters but from the trailer i would say no. Set in Rio De Janeiro, the story takes place from the movie Fast and Furious […]