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Los Angeles In A Globe

Over 4000 still images with a custom built camera rig, a Canon 5D MIII, custom tilt shift lens, light bulb filled with water and paper cut outs for effects are the result of beautiful shots of Los Angeles! During the holidays LA was shot in a one of a kind way bringing out every light in the downtown buildings, every letter in the Hollywood sign, the colorful lights at Santa […]

1000 Days of CTFxCing!

Charles Trippy and Alli Trippy have made it to 1000 documented days, filming with their families and friends has been a journey way back from the start in 2008. The web series has gotten extremely popular around the world and has sprouted more channels connecting the CTFxC Crew with anyone who watches on their computer screens. From filming everyday errands, walking their hilarious dogs Marley and Zoe, being with family […]

Snow Mission

Since I went snowboarding yesterday I’ve been in a snow kinda mood! It’s raining right now in Los Angeles and snowing in LA mountains! Had a great time on Mt High and with such a big crowd yesterday it still was enjoyable. The season here in LA has gotten to a late start but looks like Mt High and Bear Mountain are getting some good snow right now! Watch 3 […]

Travel In 80 Days

Mike Corey had an awesome opportunity to travel the world in 80 days with 13 countries traveled, 35 flights and amazing footage of the great journey! Not only does he travel around visiting far off places but also dips in the dangerous side being in the waters of great whites to getting a tattoo in Thailand. It’s everyones dream to travel anywhere away from home, experience other cultures and try […]

The HD Hero!

The new GoPro HD Hero 2 is the newest model of the GoPro family and with 1080p video and 11mp pictures 10 photos/sec this version is the best yet. I’ve seen the videos in person from friends who just got the camera and its impressive. Those snowboard, surfing, skating, dirt biking, sky diving and all other sports footage will look so much more clearer than they already do! Still trying […]

Drifter Intelligence

Want to know the in and outs of a professional drift car? Watch professional drifter Dai Yoshihara’s tech Mike Kojima talk and show the technical inner workings of Dai’s Nissan S13 car. One of many videos from GT Channel following Dai Yoshihara on the 2011 Formula D drifting season with a series called Behind The Smoke. Of course theres some rad camera angles from GoPros and following Dai and his […]

California Snow Riding

Another GoPro camera video! Watch some skilled riders from the USC ski and snowboard team at Mammoth Mountain in California! I’ve been up there myself and its an awesome place to snowboard and ski. Had a post of my trip to mammoth mountain a few months ago if you missed it here.  

Drifting Through Hollywood

Ken Block has another video out with the Ford Fiesta going through tight turns, driving through tight spaces and doing donuts around objects that shouldn’t even be in the middle of that situation! Filmed within 5 days at Southern California’s lovely Universal Studios Hollywood in Studio City, Block drifts through the backlot where many famous movies have been shot for so many years. If you’ve ever been to Universal Studio […]

Beach Eyes

I’ve lived in LA all my life and Venice is one place anyone has to visit if you live here and especially if you’re visiting. Venice beach is filled will all different types of people so no one feels out of place. Watch a relaxing view of Venice Beach and hopefully you can visit if you haven’t already. Via: Buzzfeed.com