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LA Night Landing!

Ever wonder what southern California looks like while landing a plane at LAX airport? By this video it looks amazingly bright! All the different cities and lights look so crazy and beautiful.I can see the cars on the freeways in traffic, the ferris wheel in Santa Monica and I can recognize everything the pilot is flying over mostly, can you?

10,000 shots of California

Look at some more amazing scenery of beautiful California by Ryan Killackey. Its actually over 10,000 photographs shot by him and his wife. So crazy how many picture were taken to make this over 2 minute video! Follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanKillackey

A Snow Day!

Went to Mountain High on Presidents Day and it was awesome! A storm had just went through Socal and every snowboarder was waiting for a storm like that to hit for some nice powder. We rarely get any real snow in California so actually seeing it besides the choppy ice thats made for us at any Cali mountain was a nice little gift from mother nature. Managed to take some […]

Radiator Springs Racers

California Adventure here in Socal is getting a new section put together for 2012 called “Cars Land”. Umm…really? Cars Land? I think a better name could have been thought up but whatever. This new ride included in the new land is called Radiator Springs Racers and its a coaster type ride with a Ferrari looking car racing you through all of the Springs. (Nice choice selection by the way Disney, […]

Mountain Powder Days!

In California its a miracle if we get any inches of snow and this season we got lucky. Got some good storms rolling by and gave us some powder. It doesn’t stay all too long but us California people have to get to the mountains as soon as possible before it melts away. I was in a snowboarding kind of mood probably because I haven’t been up to any mountain […]

Alcohol + Whipped Cream = Greatness!

With 9 different flavors from the company Whipped Lightning, who doesn’t want to try it? 18% alcohol infused with whipped cream topped with any drink, dessert and/or coffee this for sure is pure awesomeness! Doesn’t look like its available here in California yet but i hope soon! Now this is considered an alcoholic drink and not a food so if you’re under 21 in the US, sorry kiddies. You’ll have to […]

Random Look

This time a video! Its pouring here in California and here’s a peek of how much it sucks. Can u tell im not a fan of the cold rainy weather?