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Girls And Games

I was cruising through my YouTube subscriptions and saw that iJustine put up a new channel that I didn’t see! I guess she’s playing video games either by herself, with her sister or her friend Toby. I’m always curious to hear different peoples reactions during game play. Are you a quiet player? Loud? Angry? Nervous? Myself, it depends on the game. With racing games I’m a little competitive and i […]

Mardi Gras funniness!

Been wanting to go to Mardi Gras for the last 2 years and hopefully I’ll get to visit next year. If you’re not a fan of parties, large crowds of people, loud music, drunks or most of all drunken crowds of people dancing to loud music in streets then that time of year/place isn’t for you. For me though I love it! And I at least want to experience Mardi […]

Team Coco!!!

And a game to play while watching The Conan O’Brien show! Its the first day of the Conan show today! I had to do another post of Mr. O’Brien because i just can’t wait! So here are some pictures i’ve gathered, some from Buzzfeed, others i can’t remember and some hilarious promo videos for the show. One is remix which i think is funny so enjoy and Team Coco FTW!!! […]

Big Kid in the works.

Johnny Cupcakes Big Kid is becoming 3D! Yup! He’s becoming a toy and here’s the rough of the favorite chubs in all his glory! Doesn’t look he’s coming till 2011 but Cupcake’s says he’ll be out in a variety of colors and he won’t be the only one! I’m hoping he’s makes some of his Halloween characters in my opinion. I would love to have those all around my desk […]

Pumpkin cutters!

Happy Halloween!!! We made it everyone!!! Its Halloween and what better then to post some cool pumpkin carvings! Found these lovely carvings on Skull A Day and they look so cool! I wouldn’t even know how to start on any of these pumpkins, they’re so detailed and crazy looking. I’m putting up some pumpkins that my family and i carved last year too and today we’re actually carving some more […]


Crocktees has some hilarious shirts going on and i have a few favorites. Got one myself thanks to Crocktees and i’ll for sure be getting another! These are some of my favorites! Check out the Store and the blog for updates on new and upcoming shirts! http://www.crocktees.com/index.htm http://crocktees.blogspot.com/

DIY Daft Punk

I’ve been listening to Daft Punk lately and i went on my daily internet list looking to see what my favorite sites put up. What a coincidence! Buzzfeed posted a Daft Punk video from a guy named Harrison Krix and he’s a graphic designer who also makes props! It took Krix 17 months to replicate the helmet of one of the members Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and just watching the […]

World of Color

I go to Disneyland at least twice a year since i live here in california and as cali people know…California Adventure isn’t the best out of the 2  parks. Now that the big lake inside the 2nd park is getting a whole new makeover to actually do something i might want to actually go to C.A. instead of Disneyland! I used my 2fer tickets and went to C.A. after enjoying […]

Bioshock 2.

While watching a daily video blog CTFxC, both Charles Trippy and Alli Speed been playing this game that came out called Bioshock. I went on YouTube to see some previews and it looks like a pretty awesome game with a big side of creepiness. I looked at the site for awhile and it just makes me  want to get the game even more now. I think what creeps me out […]