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Tim Burton Exhibit

Went to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA yesterday and it was so rad! It was more then I expected and with more then 5 rooms (one of my favorites was the black light room) filled with Burton’s sketches, sculptures, photographs, costumes/props, short films and letters. It was awesome to see how his mind was as a teenager to his latest work as a director! The exhibit shows his achievements in […]

The other side of Hello Kitty.

I wasn’t a big fan of Hello Kitty myself, i was more of a Keroppi and Pochacco person but maybe if they showed the bowed kitty in these versions then i would totally be a Hello Kitty fan! Robocop to Jason to the sweet star wars characters, who can not like this version? I think its pretty funny that every one of the characters still has the familiar bow thats […]