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Following the last post Influencers, here’s a look at one example of a great influencer Jeff Staple. Being the Founder and not to mention the creative director of Staple Design, Jeff Staple is also an owner of Reed Space Shops and speaks his take on influences to him.

Colorful Office Pleasures

This office in Zagreb, Croatia was originally an apartment and with a little design put into the picture it still keeps its homey atmosphere while still giving the intention of an office for work. The best of both worlds! Check out some other interior designs and murals from Branimir Sabljic. http://www.behance.net/BranimirSabljic

The Sharpie Show 2010

This last Saturday was the start of a show thats been going on in Downtown Los Angeles. The show started December 4th and ends January 2nd 2011 with some of the best artists in the country using sharpie markers. Yes, sharpie markers!  Its crazy what art can come out of just using these pens coupled with amazing artists! Here’s the video of Saturday night and go check it out before […]

Random Look

Here’s the progress on the mural I walk by sometimes. Its actually looking a lot better and walls have been added!

Random Look

Here’s some more pictures from that mural. Its extended now down the alley. Im really liking the other parts of the mural!

Random Look

Here’s the 2nd picture taken of the mural I walk by sometimes. They added more to its but I don’t know if I like the direction this is going in. Hmm…

Random Look

Saw this while I was walking by. Whoever just started so I’ll keep posting pics of its progress.