Monthly archives: April 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

  One of the big summer movies that everyone is waiting for is The Dark Knight Rises. In this 3rd installment of the Batman trilogy, the interesting character Bane is introduced and Catwomen being seen in a updated version! Familiar faces Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman are back and welcoming new stars like Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway to the Batman trilogy. Looks like better villains and sweet action scenes won’t […]

LA Art Walk 2012

  This is an updated look at the LA Art Walk held here in Downtown Los Angeles. I attended the Art Walk and saw all the great art work and posted pictures here. The atmosphere of the Art Walk is great with different types of art, music and the people! More areas are bringing art, music and people together like Venice, Santa Ana and others which is great! For DTLA […]

Transmission LA: AV Club

  Mike D from the Beastie Boys is heading up a great event here in Los Angeles till May 6th with Transmission LA: AV Club. He invited over 15 different types of artists to create art within their realm! Concerts, nights with famous DJs and guest performances are on the agenda for museum attendees as well! The event is being held at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA with many rooms […]

Rapper Back To Life

  Anyone of anyone is still talking about the performance of Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Festival. In case you didn’t know, Tupac has been dead for 15 years and the Coachella audience and Youtube viewers watched something that was amazing and surprising last weekend! By using an old special effects trick to achieve the life like rapper, people were calling this a hologram effect but in […]

Back to the DeLorean

  If you don’t remember the famous DeLorean then you need to brush up on your movie lists and watch Back To The Future! The DeLorean was made famous from the iconic movie series starring Michael J. Fox and this car will forever be remembered. Here in California there is a special place where all DeLoreans go to get brought back to life or keep staying alive at the DeLorean […]

Running Free

  Being a senior designer for Nike footwear, Mark Miner has made a rad shoe design for runners around the world with great function and a fashionable exterior. Every aspect was taken as a huge part of the making of this style shoe and it being from the Nike Free line, Nike has something going with better shoes for runners! The line has been going strong and every style has […]

LBC Drifters Beautiful Side

  Since yesterday I posted about the drifting competition held in Long Beach CA I thought I would show the other side of the Grand Prix. Along with the different races there is a nice car show for racing fans to walk through with different kinds of four wheeled beauties. The car show itself gets its own fans and holds its own with the races with classic imports to domestic […]

Drifting Through Long Beach

  This last weekend Long Beach CA held its yearly Toyota Grand Prix with Formula one racing, a celebrity race with the famous Scion TC’s and the must see Formula D drifting races! This event is the single largest event in the city of Long Beach in its downtown district and the whole weekend generates over 200,000 people! Its the longest running street race held in North America with a […]

Wooden Eyes

  Based in Boise, ID three brothers got together and started a brand of eco friendly wood sunglasses out of their garage. The brand Proof has gone global with the eyewear giving a large portion of the woodsy shades sales to an eye clinic in India who gives surgeries to people in need. Authentic frames made of real wood and bamboo are a one of kind look and I love […]

April Fools Cupcakes

  On April Fools day Johnny Cupcakes played a joke on his followers by replacing his stores clothing with actual cupcakes! Not one shirt or accessory could be found at the locations of the famous JC stores including Los Angeles but everyone seemed to be very delighted by the switch of inventory. Now of course Johnny didn’t  just have plain old vanilla cupcakes but went all out with flavors that you […]