Monthly archives: March 2012

Hike The Hollywood Sign

Here in Los Angeles there is many outdoor activities to do depending on the seasons. In certain seasons LA has some beautiful hiking trails and some to perfect sceneries, awesome waterfalls and famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign! LA has many trails throughout different areas ranging from Santa Monica to Arcadia so there are a lot to choose from! If you’re interested like me in trying some new outdoor activities […]

Ultra In Miami

Warning! Some profanity!  Florida this time of year is a special time with the Ultra Music Festival making its way to Downtown Miami! With is being one of the biggest events the east coast has, it gives Electric Daisy Carnival some bragging rights of its own with an amazing line-up this year with DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex, Avicii, Flux Pavillion, Tiesto, Kaskade and so many more!!! Since I […]

Ride With The Transformers

Living in California I’ve been surrounded by theme parks like Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Sea World to name a few but one thats a movie studio and theme park is Universal Studios Hollywood! Finally the movie theme park is getting some more rides added to their roster and a new attraction coming soon is Transformers: The Ride 3D! What used to be in the area was Backdraft and Special […]

KassemG On Ink In LA!

Warning! Profanity in video! Since I’m going with some themed Los Angeles posts for now I thought I would give everyone a nice video of KassemG who interviews people walking around Venice Beach in LA. This particular interview has to do with tattoos and the stories why people have them. Myself, I was laughing at the conversations between KassemG and Venice passerbys with stories of religious, misinterpreted and screwed up tattoos with […]

Los Angeles In Paint!

On November 26th 2011 Dayglow made its first appearence to Los Angeles and I was there to see the world’s biggest paint party! Held at The Shrine in LA, everyone was ready to get their white clothes splashed with green, blue and pink paint! If the paint wasn’t coming from the stage in front it was sprayed on us from the second floor by Dayglow workers. With DJs like R3hab […]

The History Of St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I saved the best for last for St. Patty’s Day. Which facts do you know of the history of St. Patrick’s Day? Did you know that green wasn’t the original color for the holiday? Did you also know that St. Patrick wasn’t even his real name and wasn’t born in Ireland. Yup, many things about the irish day aren’t true and some facts do go past […]

Green Monster Stack

While drinking every kind of irish drink possible these guys make the most disgusting St. Patrick’s Day themed pancake potato stack or…whatever this thing is. The process looks pretty enjoyable with all the different drinks they’re having from whiskey to rum and why not couple it with this green mess of a potato stack! Have any untraditional foods or drinks you drink for St. Patrick’s Day?

To Our Lovers! I mean Livers!

Celebrities celebrate St. Patricks Day too with green beer!…well, what they thought was beer. Watch some famous people cheers Mr. Conan O’Brien with their green mug of goodness and hopefully you’ll be making some toasts like Megan Mullally, Adam Pally, Fred Armisen, Seth Green and more celebs! Mullally reaction…hilarious!

St. Patrick's Day in Chinatown

Every St. Patrick’s Day I always looked forward to seeing how Conan O’Brien celebrates the day! When he was the host of The Late Night Show he would always celebrate the Irish day and getting people to acknowledge the day who normally don’t. I remember watching so many of Conan’s skits for this time of year and I always laugh! Who better to celebrate than Conan? Watch Conan O’Brien visit […]

A Drunk Skeleton

I’ve posted this once before but its thats funny that I’m posting it again! Now this skeleton should look familiar to most from Nightmare Before Christmas and if not…umm go watch Nightmare Christmas because its rad! Jack Skeleton was interested in Christmas but now is getting himself into some drunk scenarios with St. Patricks Day! I couldn’t imagine any other way of Jack seeing the irish day and why can’t […]