Monthly archives: February 2012

Magic City

Set in Miami in the 1950s and not much is said about this new series that Starz is premiering in April of this year. With The Playboy Club not doing well at all and Pan Am still hanging in there the only competition for Magic City is a little show called Madmen. Yeah, think Magic City can stand next to the very popular Madmen? We will see! Magic City does […]

Sin City Graveyard

This one of a kind graveyard is filled with Las Vegas history dating back from the 1930s! Ever wonder where those gigantic signs go when Vegas hotels end their life in Sin City? Most make their way here to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas where the old memories never die for people to see. There’s over 150 signs at the graveyard of liquor stores, wedding chapels and of course […]

Random Look - Weekend Travels

This weekend was filled with lots of Los Angeles places that we haven’t visited in awhile. We visited The Grove, Venice beach, a rad restaurant in Hollywood and ending the weekend at Mountain High. Check the pictures out with a few other shots of things I stumbled on that got my interest. 

InTheFresh Has A Pinterest!

Look what happend! InTheFresh has a Pinterest! Now it just got created and I’m working on getting more pictures and videos added everyday so stay tuned for more sweet boards full of eye candy! If you have one yourself please follow and I love to see new content from people on Pinterest. We got boards from rad animals to epic tattoos and then some! Take a look at what InTheFresh’s […]

Longboards Finest

I’ve been watching this awesome longboard girls crew and their videos are beautifully. Documented by Juan Rayos with rad scenery and amazing ride shots this episode shows off that these girls love every bit of the longboard culture. They travel around parts of Spain riding and having the life that some of us dream of having. Watch the documentary on the girls trip and their love for longboarding! I got […]

Hollywood Mardi Gras

If you dont know what Mardi Gras is then you my friend have been living under a rock! Even people who aren’t native to the Mardi Gras festivities know that its days of celebration. Mardi Gras in French means Fat Tuesday and the festival season varies from city to city. There’s a great history behind Mardi Gras which you can read here and many places like Brazil, Venice and New Orleans are […]

Future Snow Vision

The future of snow goggles is going in a very technological way. These Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggle are one of the first of its kind with some cool features to take with you on the mountain with no annoying wires to get in the way. These goggles have lens features like polarized, photochromic light adjusting and anti-fog infused lenses. The inside of the googles are GPS integrated with readings […]

Winter Is Back...

Southern California just got hit with some rain and is left with cold wind, low temperatures and snow in our mountains! Here in Socal we don’t get too much of a winter so any rainfall gets us snowboarders excited! My phone was blowing up with alerts from all the local mountains and one of them being Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain has gotten 6-7 inches of snow today and might even […]

Millennium Guitar

Star Wars and electric guitars don’t really go together but this combination is an exception.  This guitar was actually a toy made into an instrument and not only is it a functioning guitar but also has some added features. Some features are the blue lighting in the back of the Millennium Falcon guitar, the original sound effects the toy came with and a custom made R2D2 headstock! This is a […]

Random Look - DTLA Artwalk

Last night I went to the Downtown LA Art Walk and we saw lots of different types of art. Its nice to see the art culture thriving with so many different people getting their ideas out for people to appreciate. The Art Walk takes place every month on the 2nd Thursday and with galleries featuring graffiti art to illuminating displays its no surprise that the streets of downtown LA are packed […]