KCRW Masquerade

KCRW being the southern California’s leading national public radio affiliate featuring different types of music, news and cultural programming reaches 550,000 listeners. KCRW holds its an annual Halloween Masquerade with 5 themed rooms filled with different genre of music, haunted hallways and guests dress up in their finest costumes. This year the event is held on October 26th at the legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles with food trucks stationed […]

Los Angeles Hayride

Griffith Park in Los Angeles is believed to be one of the most haunted places in California with paranormal activity. The LA Hayride takes their visitors on a trailer through the creepy park where horrible acts of torture and murder took place within this area of scary surroundings it is no wonder why this event is so popular in the Los Angeles area!

InTheFresh October!

      Its the start of October! InTheFresh celebrates Halloween throughout this wonderful month with anything and everything scary, amazing and sometimes cute if the occasion calls for it. We know we’re not the only ones that love this month so we have some good posts in store for every Halloween fan out there. We’ll be posting about movies, music, television, art, Los Angeles Halloween events and of course […]

LA Food On Wheels

Food trucks were and still are the “it” delicacy for people to try and for some to follow around for their favorite dish on a paper plate or stick. Food trucks have come a long way from when they first started getting exposure on every media outlet possible and some getting their own following from social networks. Recently Thrash Lab spoke to eleven trucks on not only their world on […]

Sisters Not Included

Fiat has a funny way to introduce their new four door 500L model and if your a fan of pretty women in form fitting white dresses I doubt you’ll be remembering the Fiat out of anything in their new Super Bowl commercial! There are many car companies trying to make their mark this Super Bowl weekend and Fiat has a nice strategy to get viewers to keep their commercial and hopefully […]

Babies Ready For Launch!

This Super Bowl commercial by Kia makes everyone think twice about the question “Where do babies come from?’ and this answer to the sometimes uncomfortable question seems to be a good one! Playing off the idea of space like some other Super Bowl commercials this 2013 seems to be the theme of the of the year. Along with great visual effects and a great funny story to go with it, […]

Get Happy.

Another day, another Super Bowl commercial! Here’s a new one from the car company that brought you last years famous little Darth Vader! Volkswagen introduces the new turbo bug with a nice little twist with positive vibes coming your way! See why everyone is giving Dave questionable looks at the office before they see his sweet ride outside.

Super Bowl Ads 2013 Countdown

Its that time of year again and while people are looking forward to the big game others like myself are looking forward to the ads during the Super Bowl! Some of the ads for 2013 have already rolled out and one that already stands out is by Coca Cola. With their theme of chasing after the delicious soda, everyone wants the first drink. No matter what you look like, what […]

New Snow Breed and A Runaway Snowmobile!

The 2013 Winter X Games again had some great moments and some very shocking ones! Of course Shaun White and Kelly Clark do their thing with some high scores and taking gold but their were many other highlights…many good and some bad. I watched all the snowboarding competitions and one rider that really stood out was Ayumu Hirano! Wow!!! What a great rider and only being 14 years old and […]

Winter X Games 2013

If you missed all the action that happend on the Winter X Games last year then check out this highlight video with records broken and stunts that only happen at the X Games! Held in Aspen last year, the X Games are right back in Aspen airing January 24th to 27th on ESPN and ABC for some more surprising record breaking events. Every year I look forward to watching the […]